rviz Documentation

rviz: Robot VIsualiZer

A 3d visualization environment for robots using ROS.

rviz is a 3d visualization program for robots using ROS.

The RViz plugin API and library API are preliminary in Fuerte. We welcome feedback about how to make them more powerful and easier to program with. We expect the APIs to change (possibly significantly) between Fuerte and Groovy.

rviz can be extended by writing plugins. (See RViz Plugin Tutorials.)

librviz is a library for including rviz visualization capabilities in your own applications. (See Librviz Tutorial.)

Display Plugin Classes

The main classes relevant when writing display plugins are:

Panel Plugin Classes

The main classes relevant when writing panel plugins are:

Librviz Classes

When writing an application using librviz, some additional important classes are:

External APIs

RViz uses several external libraries which show up in its API. Here are some of the major ones:

Author(s): Dave Hershberger, Josh Faust
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