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rboxlib.c File Reference
#include "random.h"
#include "libqhull.h"
#include <ctype.h>
#include <limits.h>
#include <math.h>
#include <setjmp.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <time.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
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struct  rboxT


#define MAXdim   200
#define PI   3.1415926535897932384


typedef struct rboxT rboxT


void out1 (double a)
void out2n (double a, double b)
void out3n (double a, double b, double c)
void qh_errexit_rbox (int exitcode)
void qh_fprintf_rbox (FILE *fp, int msgcode, const char *fmt,...)
void qh_free (void *mem)
void * qh_malloc (size_t size)
int qh_rand (void)
int qh_rboxpoints (FILE *fout, FILE *ferr, char *rbox_command)
void qh_srand (int seed)
int roundi (double a)


rboxT rbox
int rbox_inuse = 0

Define Documentation

#define MAXdim   200

Definition at line 32 of file rboxlib.c.

#define PI   3.1415926535897932384

Definition at line 33 of file rboxlib.c.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct rboxT rboxT

Definition at line 51 of file rboxlib.c.

Function Documentation

void out1 ( double  a)

Definition at line 767 of file rboxlib.c.

void out2n ( double  a,
double  b 

Definition at line 775 of file rboxlib.c.

void out3n ( double  a,
double  b,
double  c 

Definition at line 783 of file rboxlib.c.

void qh_errexit_rbox ( int  exitcode)

Definition at line 791 of file rboxlib.c.

void qh_fprintf_rbox ( FILE *  fp,
int  msgcode,
const char *  fmt,

Definition at line 40 of file userprintf_rbox.c.

void qh_free ( void *  mem)

Definition at line 47 of file usermem.c.

void* qh_malloc ( size_t  size)

Definition at line 60 of file usermem.c.

int qh_rand ( void  )

Definition at line 148 of file random.c.

int qh_rboxpoints ( FILE *  fout,
FILE *  ferr,
char *  rbox_command 

Definition at line 88 of file rboxlib.c.

void qh_srand ( int  seed)

Definition at line 165 of file random.c.

int roundi ( double  a)

Definition at line 751 of file rboxlib.c.

Variable Documentation

Definition at line 62 of file rboxlib.c.

int rbox_inuse = 0

Definition at line 61 of file rboxlib.c.

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