CMDPSTATE Class Reference

#include <mdp.h>

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Public Member Functions

CMDPACTIONAddAction (int ID)
bool AddPred (int stateID)
bool ContainsPred (int stateID)
bool Delete ()
CMDPACTIONGetAction (int actionID)
void operator= (const CMDPSTATE &rhsstate)
bool RemoveAllActions ()
bool RemovePred (int stateID)

Public Attributes

vector< CMDPACTION * > Actions
void * PlannerSpecificData
vector< int > PredsID
int StateID

Detailed Description

Definition at line 89 of file mdp.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CMDPSTATE::CMDPSTATE ( int  ID  )  [inline]

Definition at line 100 of file mdp.h.

CMDPSTATE::~CMDPSTATE (  )  [inline]

Definition at line 105 of file mdp.h.

Member Function Documentation

CMDPACTION * CMDPSTATE::AddAction ( int  ID  ) 

Definition at line 151 of file mdp.cpp.

bool CMDPSTATE::AddPred ( int  stateID  ) 

Definition at line 170 of file mdp.cpp.

bool CMDPSTATE::ContainsPred ( int  stateID  ) 

Definition at line 226 of file mdp.cpp.

bool CMDPSTATE::Delete (  ) 

Definition at line 125 of file mdp.cpp.

CMDPACTION * CMDPSTATE::GetAction ( int  actionID  ) 

Definition at line 242 of file mdp.cpp.

void CMDPSTATE::operator= ( const CMDPSTATE rhsstate  ) 

Definition at line 236 of file mdp.cpp.

bool CMDPSTATE::RemoveAllActions (  ) 

Definition at line 209 of file mdp.cpp.

bool CMDPSTATE::RemovePred ( int  stateID  ) 

Definition at line 188 of file mdp.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 94 of file mdp.h.

Definition at line 96 of file mdp.h.

vector<int> CMDPSTATE::PredsID

Definition at line 95 of file mdp.h.

Definition at line 93 of file mdp.h.

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