shape_operations.h File Reference

#include "geometric_shapes/shapes.h"
#include <vector>
#include <LinearMath/btVector3.h>
#include <assimp/aiMesh.h>
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namespace  shapes


StaticShape * shapes::cloneShape (const StaticShape *shape)
 Create a copy of a static shape.
Shapeshapes::cloneShape (const Shape *shape)
 Create a copy of a shape.
std::vector< Shape * > shapes::cloneShapeVector (const std::vector< Shape * > &shapes)
 Create a copy of a vector of shape.
Mesh * shapes::createMeshFromAsset (const aiMesh *a, const aiMatrix4x4 &transform, const btVector3 &scale)
 Load a mesh from an assimp datastructure.
Mesh * shapes::createMeshFromFilename (const std::string &filename, const btVector3 *scale=NULL)
 Load a mesh from a file that contains a mesh that can be loaded by assimp.
Mesh * shapes::createMeshFromVertices (const std::vector< btVector3 > &source)
 Load a mesh from a set of vertices. Every 3 vertices are considered a triangle. Repeating vertices are identified and the set of triangle indices is constructed. The normal at each triangle is also computed.
Mesh * shapes::createMeshFromVertices (const std::vector< btVector3 > &vertices, const std::vector< unsigned int > &triangles)
 Load a mesh from a set of vertices. Triangles are constructed using index values from the triangles vector. Triangle k has vertices at index values triangles[3k], triangles[3k+1], triangles[3k+2].
void shapes::deleteShapeVector (std::vector< Shape * > &shapes)
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