tfjava::TransformStorage Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

Frame getChildFrame ()
Frame getParentFrame ()
Quat4d getRotation ()
long getTimeStamp ()
Vector3d getTranslation ()
String toString ()
 TransformStorage (Vector3d translation, Quat4d rotation, long timeStamp, Frame parentFrame, Frame childFrame)

Static Public Member Functions

static TransformStorage interpolate (TransformStorage t1, TransformStorage t2, long time)

Protected Attributes

Frame childFrame
Frame parentFrame
Quat4d rotation
long timeStamp
Vector3d translation

Detailed Description

Transformation stamped with time, frame ID and child frame ID, as it is stored in the buffer.

A transformation object of this class is internally represented by a translation vector and rotation quaternion. Since tf messages are also represented this way, no expensive conversion takes place if a tf is stored in the buffer. Once a transform of this type is needed for actual transformation, it is converted to a StampedTransform object that is represented by a 4x4 matrix.

Sjoerd van den Dries
March 3, 2011

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

tfjava::TransformStorage::TransformStorage ( Vector3d  translation,
Quat4d  rotation,
long  timeStamp,
Frame  parentFrame,
Frame  childFrame 
) [inline]

Class constructor.

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Member Function Documentation

Frame tfjava::TransformStorage::getChildFrame (  )  [inline]

Returns a reference to the child (i.e., target) frame

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Frame tfjava::TransformStorage::getParentFrame (  )  [inline]

Returns a reference to the parent (i.e., source) frame

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Quat4d tfjava::TransformStorage::getRotation (  )  [inline]

Returns the rotation quaternion

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long tfjava::TransformStorage::getTimeStamp (  )  [inline]

Returns the time stamp of this transform, in nanoseconds.

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Vector3d tfjava::TransformStorage::getTranslation (  )  [inline]

Returns the translation vector

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static TransformStorage tfjava::TransformStorage::interpolate ( TransformStorage  t1,
TransformStorage  t2,
long  time 
) [inline, static]

Returns a new TransformStorage object that is an interpolation between or (forward or backward) extrapolation from t1 and t2.

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String tfjava::TransformStorage::toString (  )  [inline]

Returns a string representation of this transform

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Member Data Documentation

Reference to the child frame (source frame)

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Reference to the parent frame (source frame)

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Rotation quaternion

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Time stamp in nanoseconds

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Translation vector

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