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#include <options.h>

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struct option_alternativealternative
const char * desc
const char * name
int * set_pointer
enum option_type type
void * value_pointer

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const char* option::desc

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const char* option::name

Name of the option (or 0 if this is the last element).

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If not NULL, it is set to 1 if the option is found.

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Value type (if any, otherwise ignored).

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Pointer to store param value. If value_pointer ==NULL then the option has no parameters. Ex: in "--port 2000", "--port" is the name and "2000" is the value. value_pointer is interpreted according to the value of "type". type=OPTION_INT: value_pointer is a "int *" type=OPTION_STRING: value_pointer is a "char **" A new string is allocated using malloc(): *(value_pointer) = malloc( ... ) and you should free it yourself. type=OPTION_DOUBLE: value_pointer is a "double *" type=OPTION_ALTERNATIVE: value_pointer is a "int *" and alternatives is set.

Definition at line 70 of file options.h.

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