hsm_params Struct Reference

#include <hsm.h>

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Public Attributes

double angular_cell_size_deg
double angular_hyp_min_distance_deg
double debug_true_x [3]
int debug_true_x_valid
double linear_cell_size
int linear_xc_max_npeaks
double linear_xc_peaks_min_distance
double max_norm
double max_translation
int num_angular_hypotheses
double xc_directions_min_distance_deg
int xc_ndirections

Detailed Description

Public interface

Definition at line 7 of file hsm.h.

Member Data Documentation

Size of an angular cell (deg)

Definition at line 13 of file hsm.h.

Minimum distance between angular hypotheses

Definition at line 19 of file hsm.h.

True result, used for debugging purposes

Definition at line 42 of file hsm.h.

For debugging purpose, set this to 1 and fill next field

Definition at line 40 of file hsm.h.

Size of a linear cell (m)

Definition at line 11 of file hsm.h.

Number of peakks to consider for each linear correlation

Definition at line 30 of file hsm.h.

Minimum distance between said peaks

Definition at line 33 of file hsm.h.

Max norm for the points (m) (used to define Hough domain)

Definition at line 9 of file hsm.h.

Definition at line 37 of file hsm.h.

Number of hypotheses for theta

Definition at line 16 of file hsm.h.

Minimum distance between said directions

Definition at line 26 of file hsm.h.

Number of directions to consider to execute crosscorrelation to find T

Definition at line 23 of file hsm.h.

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