math_utils_gsl.h File Reference

#include <gsl/gsl_math.h>
#include <egsl/egsl.h>
#include "laser_data.h"
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#define gvg   gsl_vector_get
#define gvs   gsl_vector_set


void copy_from_array (gsl_vector *v, double *)
double distance (const gsl_vector *a, const gsl_vector *b)
double distance_squared (const gsl_vector *a, const gsl_vector *b)
const char * egsl_friendly_cov (val cov)
const char * egsl_friendly_pose (val pose)
const char * gsl_friendly_pose (gsl_vector *v)
void gsl_vector_set_nan (gsl_vector *v)
val ld_fisher0 (LDP ld)
double norm (const gsl_vector *p)
void ominus (const gsl_vector *x, gsl_vector *res)
void oplus (const gsl_vector *x1, const gsl_vector *x2, gsl_vector *res)
void pose_diff (const gsl_vector *pose2, const gsl_vector *pose1, gsl_vector *res)
void transform (const gsl_vector *point2d, const gsl_vector *pose, gsl_vector *result2d)
gsl_vector * vector_from_array (unsigned int n, double *x)
void vector_to_array (const gsl_vector *v, double *)

Define Documentation

#define gvg   gsl_vector_get

Definition at line 9 of file math_utils_gsl.h.

#define gvs   gsl_vector_set

Definition at line 10 of file math_utils_gsl.h.

Function Documentation

void copy_from_array ( gsl_vector *  v,
double *   
double distance ( const gsl_vector *  a,
const gsl_vector *  b 
double distance_squared ( const gsl_vector *  a,
const gsl_vector *  b 
const char* egsl_friendly_cov ( val  cov  ) 
const char* egsl_friendly_pose ( val  pose  ) 
const char* gsl_friendly_pose ( gsl_vector *  v  ) 
void gsl_vector_set_nan ( gsl_vector *  v  ) 
val ld_fisher0 ( LDP  ld  ) 

Returns Fisher's information matrix. You still have to multiply it by (1/sigma^2).

double norm ( const gsl_vector *  p  ) 

Returns norm of 2D point p

void ominus ( const gsl_vector *  x,
gsl_vector *  res 
void oplus ( const gsl_vector *  x1,
const gsl_vector *  x2,
gsl_vector *  res 
void pose_diff ( const gsl_vector *  pose2,
const gsl_vector *  pose1,
gsl_vector *  res 
void transform ( const gsl_vector *  point2d,
const gsl_vector *  pose,
gsl_vector *  result2d 
gsl_vector* vector_from_array ( unsigned int  n,
double *  x 
void vector_to_array ( const gsl_vector *  v,
double *   
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