laser_data_drawing.h File Reference

#include "laser_data.h"
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struct  oriented_bbox
struct  stroke_sequence


typedef oriented_bboxBB2
typedef struct bbfind_imp bbfind


enum  ld_reference { Invalid = 0, Odometry = 1, Estimate = 2, True_pose = 3 }


int bbfind_add_bbox (bbfind *, const BB2)
int bbfind_add_point (bbfind *, double point[2])
int bbfind_add_point2 (bbfind *, double x, double y)
int bbfind_compute (bbfind *, BB2)
void bbfind_free (bbfind *)
bbfindbbfind_new ()
void compute_stroke_sequence (LDP ld, struct stroke_sequence *, double horizon, double connect_threshold)
int ld_get_bounding_box (LDP ld, double bb_min[2], double bb_max[2], double pose[3], double horizon)
void ld_get_oriented_bbox (LDP ld, double horizon, BB2)
double * ld_get_reference_pose (LDP ld, ld_reference use_reference)
double * ld_get_reference_pose_silent (LDP ld, ld_reference use_reference)
int ld_read_some_scans_distance (FILE *file, LDP **array, int *num, ld_reference which, double d_xy, double d_th)
const char * ld_reference_to_string (ld_reference)
ld_reference ld_string_to_reference (const char *string)
void lda_get_bounding_box (LDP *ld, int nld, double bb_min[2], double bb_max[2], double offset[3], ld_reference use_reference, double horizon)
void oriented_bbox_compute_corners (const BB2, double ul[2], double ur[2], double ll[2], double lr[2])

Typedef Documentation

typedef oriented_bbox* BB2

Definition at line 30 of file laser_data_drawing.h.

typedef struct bbfind_imp bbfind

Definition at line 50 of file laser_data_drawing.h.

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Definition at line 6 of file laser_data_drawing.h.

Function Documentation

int bbfind_add_bbox ( bbfind ,
const   BB2 
int bbfind_add_point ( bbfind ,
double  point[2] 
int bbfind_add_point2 ( bbfind ,
double  x,
double  y 
int bbfind_compute ( bbfind ,
void bbfind_free ( bbfind  ) 
bbfind* bbfind_new (  ) 
void compute_stroke_sequence ( LDP  ld,
struct stroke_sequence ,
double  horizon,
double  connect_threshold 
int ld_get_bounding_box ( LDP  ld,
double  bb_min[2],
double  bb_max[2],
double  pose[3],
double  horizon 

Returns != 0 if enough points were found

void ld_get_oriented_bbox ( LDP  ld,
double  horizon,
double* ld_get_reference_pose ( LDP  ld,
ld_reference  use_reference 

Same as ld_get_reference_pose_silent(), but it also checks that the pose is valid (no NANs inside).

double* ld_get_reference_pose_silent ( LDP  ld,
ld_reference  use_reference 

Gets a pointer to the pose specified by 'use_reference', or 0 if use_reference is invalid.

int ld_read_some_scans_distance ( FILE *  file,
LDP **  array,
int *  num,
ld_reference  which,
double  d_xy,
double  d_th 
const char* ld_reference_to_string ( ld_reference   ) 
ld_reference ld_string_to_reference ( const char *  string  ) 
void lda_get_bounding_box ( LDP ld,
int  nld,
double  bb_min[2],
double  bb_max[2],
double  offset[3],
ld_reference  use_reference,
double  horizon 
void oriented_bbox_compute_corners ( const   BB2,
double  ul[2],
double  ur[2],
double  ll[2],
double  lr[2] 
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