laser_data.h File Reference

#include <sys/time.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include "restrict.h"
#include "laser_data_inline.h"
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struct  correspondence
struct  laser_data
struct  point2d


typedef struct laser_dataLDP


void ld_alloc (LDP, int nrays)
LDP ld_alloc_new (int nrays)
void ld_compute_cartesian (LDP)
void ld_compute_orientation (LDP ld, int size_neighbourhood, double sigma)
void ld_compute_world_coords (LDP, const double *pose)
unsigned int ld_corr_hash (LDP)
void ld_create_jump_tables (LDP)
void ld_dealloc (LDP)
void ld_free (LDP)
LDP ld_from_carmen_string (const char *line)
int ld_num_valid_correspondences (LDP)
int ld_read_all (FILE *file, LDP **array, int *num)
int ld_read_next_laser_carmen (FILE *, LDP *ld)
LDP ld_read_smart (FILE *)
LDP ld_read_smart_string (const char *)
int ld_read_some_scans (FILE *file, LDP **array, int *num, int interval)
void ld_simple_clustering (LDP ld, double threshold)
int ld_valid_fields (LDP)
void ld_write_as_carmen (LDP ld, FILE *stream)
void ld_write_format (LDP ld, FILE *stream, const char *out_format)
void possible_interval (const double *p_i_w, LDP laser_sens, double max_angular_correction_deg, double max_linear_correction, int *from, int *to, int *start_cell)

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct laser_data* LDP

Definition at line 74 of file laser_data.h.

Function Documentation

void ld_alloc ( LDP  ,
int  nrays 

This allocs the fields in the given structure. Use ld_alloc_new(), not this.

LDP ld_alloc_new ( int  nrays  ) 

This returns a new structure, with all fields initialized

void ld_compute_cartesian ( LDP   ) 

Fills the x,y fields in "points" by transforming (theta, reading) to cartesian

void ld_compute_orientation ( LDP  ld,
int  size_neighbourhood,
double  sigma 

A cool orientation estimation algorithm. Needs cluster.

void ld_compute_world_coords ( LDP  ,
const double *  pose 

Computes the "points_w" coordinates by roto-translating "points"

unsigned int ld_corr_hash ( LDP   ) 

Computes an hash of the correspondences

void ld_create_jump_tables ( LDP   ) 

Fills the fields: *up_bigger, *up_smaller, *down_bigger, *down_smaller.

void ld_dealloc ( LDP   ) 

This does NOT free the pointer. Don't use -- use ld_alloc_new()/ld_free() instead.

void ld_free ( LDP   ) 

This DOES free() the pointer

LDP ld_from_carmen_string ( const char *  line  ) 

Read laser data from a Carmen-formatted line

int ld_num_valid_correspondences ( LDP   ) 

Returns the number of valid correspondences.

int ld_read_all ( FILE *  file,
LDP **  array,
int *  num 

Reads all the scans it can find.

int ld_read_next_laser_carmen ( FILE *  ,
LDP ld 

Read next FLASER line in file (initializes ld). Returns 0 on failure. If the file is EOF, it returns 1 and sets ld to 0. You probably want to use the ld_read_smart() function.

LDP ld_read_smart ( FILE *   ) 

Tries to read a laser scan from file. If error or EOF, it returns 0. Whitespace is skipped. If first valid char is '{', it tries to read it as JSON. If next char is 'F' (first character of "FLASER"), it tries to read in Carmen format. Else, 0 is returned.

LDP ld_read_smart_string ( const char *   ) 

Tries to read a laser scan from a string.

int ld_read_some_scans ( FILE *  file,
LDP **  array,
int *  num,
int  interval 

Read a scan every interval (1=all)

void ld_simple_clustering ( LDP  ld,
double  threshold 

A simple clustering algorithm. Sets the `cluster' field in the structure.

int ld_valid_fields ( LDP   ) 

Do an extensive sanity check about the data contained in the structure.

void ld_write_as_carmen ( LDP  ld,
FILE *  stream 

Write a scan in carmen format

void ld_write_format ( LDP  ld,
FILE *  stream,
const char *  out_format 

Write a scan according to out_format = {"carmen", "json"}

void possible_interval ( const double *  p_i_w,
LDP  laser_sens,
double  max_angular_correction_deg,
double  max_linear_correction,
int *  from,
int *  to,
int *  start_cell 
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