egsl.h File Reference

#include <gsl/gsl_vector.h>
#include <gsl/gsl_matrix.h>
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struct  egsl_val


typedef struct egsl_val val


void egsl_add_to (val v1, val v2)
void egsl_add_to_col (val v1, size_t j, val v2)
val egsl_alloc (size_t rows, size_t columns)
val egsl_alloc_in_context (int cid, size_t rows, size_t cols)
double egsl_atm (val, size_t i, size_t j)
double * egsl_atmp (val v, size_t i, size_t j)
double egsl_atv (val, size_t i)
val egsl_compose_col (val v1, val v2)
val egsl_compose_row (val v1, val v2)
void egsl_error (void)
void egsl_expect_size (val v, size_t rows, size_t cols)
void egsl_free (void)
gsl_matrix * egsl_gslm (val v)
val egsl_inverse (val)
val egsl_mult (val, val)
double egsl_norm (val)
val egsl_ones (size_t rows, size_t columns)
void egsl_pop ()
void egsl_pop_named (const char *name)
void egsl_print (const char *str, val)
void egsl_print_spectrum (const char *s, val v)
void egsl_print_stats (void)
val egsl_promote (val v)
void egsl_push ()
void egsl_push_named (const char *name)
val egsl_rot (double theta)
val egsl_scale (double, val)
val egsl_sub (val, val)
val egsl_sum (val, val)
val egsl_sum3 (val, val, val)
void egsl_symm_eig (val v, double *eigenvalues, val *eigenvectors)
val egsl_transpose (val)
void egsl_v2a (val, double *)
void egsl_v2da (val, double *)
gsl_matrix * egsl_v2gslm (val)
void egsl_v2vec (val, gsl_vector *)
val egsl_vers (double theta)
val egsl_vFa (size_t rows, const double *)
val egsl_vFda (size_t rows, size_t columns, const double *)
val egsl_vFgslm (const gsl_matrix *)
val egsl_vFgslv (const gsl_vector *)
val egsl_zeros (size_t rows, size_t columns)

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct egsl_val val

Definition at line 18 of file egsl.h.

Function Documentation

void egsl_add_to ( val  v1,
val  v2 
void egsl_add_to_col ( val  v1,
size_t  j,
val  v2 
val egsl_alloc ( size_t  rows,
size_t  columns 
val egsl_alloc_in_context ( int  cid,
size_t  rows,
size_t  cols 
double egsl_atm ( val  ,
size_t  i,
size_t  j 
double* egsl_atmp ( val  v,
size_t  i,
size_t  j 
double egsl_atv ( val  ,
size_t  i 
val egsl_compose_col ( val  v1,
val  v2 
val egsl_compose_row ( val  v1,
val  v2 
void egsl_error ( void   ) 
void egsl_expect_size ( val  v,
size_t  rows,
size_t  cols 

Private implementations things

void egsl_free ( void   ) 
gsl_matrix* egsl_gslm ( val  v  ) 
val egsl_inverse ( val   ) 
val egsl_mult ( val  ,
double egsl_norm ( val   ) 
val egsl_ones ( size_t  rows,
size_t  columns 
void egsl_pop (  ) 
void egsl_pop_named ( const char *  name  ) 
void egsl_print ( const char *  str,
void egsl_print_spectrum ( const char *  s,
val  v 

Prints eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a symmetric matrix

void egsl_print_stats ( void   ) 
val egsl_promote ( val  v  ) 

Creates a copy of v in the previous context.

void egsl_push (  ) 
void egsl_push_named ( const char *  name  ) 
val egsl_rot ( double  theta  ) 
val egsl_scale ( double  ,

Operations among values

val egsl_sub ( val  ,
val egsl_sum ( val  ,
val egsl_sum3 ( val  ,
val  ,
void egsl_symm_eig ( val  v,
double *  eigenvalues,
val eigenvectors 
val egsl_transpose ( val   ) 
void egsl_v2a ( val  ,
double *   

Copies a VECTOR value into array

void egsl_v2da ( val  ,
double *   

Copies a MATRIX value into array (row1 .. rown)

gsl_matrix* egsl_v2gslm ( val   ) 
void egsl_v2vec ( val  ,
gsl_vector *   

Copies a vector value into a gsl_vector

val egsl_vers ( double  theta  ) 
val egsl_vFa ( size_t  rows,
const double *   
val egsl_vFda ( size_t  rows,
size_t  columns,
const double *   
val egsl_vFgslm ( const gsl_matrix *   ) 
val egsl_vFgslv ( const gsl_vector *   ) 
val egsl_zeros ( size_t  rows,
size_t  columns 
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