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#include "TData.h"
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void Init_MbICP_ScanMatching (float max_laser_range, float Bw, float Br, float L, int laserStep, float MaxDistInter, float filter, int ProjectionFilter, float AsocError, int MaxIter, float errorRatio, float errx_out, float erry_out, float errt_out, int IterSmoothConv)
int MbICPmatcher (Tpfp *laserK, Tpfp *laserK1, Tsc *sensorMotion, Tsc *solution)

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void Init_MbICP_ScanMatching ( float  max_laser_range,
float  Bw,
float  Br,
float  L,
int  laserStep,
float  MaxDistInter,
float  filter,
int  ProjectionFilter,
float  AsocError,
int  MaxIter,
float  errorRatio,
float  errx_out,
float  erry_out,
float  errt_out,
int  IterSmoothConv 
int MbICPmatcher ( Tpfp laserK,
Tpfp laserK1,
Tsc sensorMotion,
Tsc solution 
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