Visual C++ (using batch file)

This page shows how to compile using by the batch file provided by Visual Studio. The following work is done at the command prompt.


  1. Copy the batch file provided by Visual Studio to set the environment variables needs for compiling.
    Copy Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\Tools\vsvars32.bat to urg_library-1.0.2\windowsexe
    (Version of the library, please replace what you use.)

  2. Running the bat file for compilation, and set the environment variable.
    After setting the environment variable, run urg_library-1.0.2\windowsexe\compile.bat file to compile.

  3. Running the generated samples. Run generated execute files in urg_library-1.0.2\windowsexe folder.

For more information, please see compile.bat file.

Clean up

Run urg_library-1.0.2\windowsexe\cleanobj.bat to delete a file that is generated.

Author(s): Satofumi Kamimura , Katsumi Kimoto, Adrian Boeing
autogenerated on Wed Mar 2 2022 01:08:11