URG C Library document


This is open source C library for Hokuyo URG laser range scanners. This library is confirmed to work in the following environments:

  • Visual C++ 2005
  • gcc 4.6.0 (Linux)


This software is licensed using the New BSD license. See the COPYRIGHT.txt for the actual license text.


Use the below link to download the urg_library zip file.

In this Mercurial repository you can be find the lastest source code.

hg clone http://urgwidget.hg.sourceforge.net:8000/hgroot/urgwidget/urgwidget 

Build library and sample programs.

Library tutorial


Send your question and request to the urgwidget mailing list.

Mailing list archive:

Author(s): Satofumi Kamimura , Katsumi Kimoto, Adrian Boeing
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