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rqt_launch.name_surrogate.NamesSurrogate Class Reference
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Static Public Member Functions

def is_global (name)
def is_private (name)
def ns_join (ns, name)

Static Public Attributes

string PRIV_NAME = '~'
string SEP = '/'

Detailed Description

Because some functions in roslib.names cannot be referred in the original
rxlaunch code, the codes of those function are copied here. This class
should not be used for any other purpose than to be used within this .py

:author: Isaac Saito

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Member Function Documentation

def rqt_launch.name_surrogate.NamesSurrogate.is_global (   name)
Test if name is a global graph resource name. 116 117
@param name: must be a legal name in canonical form 118
@type name: str 119
@return: True if name is a globally referenced name (i.e. /ns/name) 120
@rtype: bool

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def rqt_launch.name_surrogate.NamesSurrogate.is_private (   name)
126 Test if name is a private graph resource name. 127 128
@param name: must be a legal name in canonical form 129
@type name: str 130 @return bool: True if name is a privately
    referenced name (i.e. ~name) 131 

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def rqt_launch.name_surrogate.NamesSurrogate.ns_join (   ns,
Taken from
since roslib.names is not found for some reason, and also the entire
module seems deprecated.

Join a namespace and name. If name is unjoinable (i.e. ~private or
162 /global) it will be returned without joining 163 164
@param ns: namespace ('/' and '~' are both legal). If ns is the empty
string, name will be returned. 165
@type ns: str 166
@param name str: a legal name 167
@return str: name concatenated to ns, or name if it's 168 unjoinable. 169
@rtype: str 170

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Member Data Documentation

string rqt_launch.name_surrogate.NamesSurrogate.PRIV_NAME = '~'

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string rqt_launch.name_surrogate.NamesSurrogate.SEP = '/'

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