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def fix_content_in_tags (input_html)
 BS puts each tag/content in its own line. More...
def fix_include_file_extension (input_html)
def fix_replace_space_marker (input_html)
def inject_top_level_docs (input_html, filename)
def strip_text_before_string (original_text, strip_text)


 dialect_files = set()
 dom = ET.fromstring(xml_file)
string index_file_name = ""
string index_text
string markdown_text = ''
 newdom = transform(dom)
string output_dir = "./messages/"
string output_dir_html = output_dir+"_html/"
string output_file_name_html = file.rsplit('.',1)[0]+".html"
 output_file_name_html_withdir = output_dir_html+output_file_name_html
string output_file_name_md_withdir = output_dir+output_file_name_prefix+'.md'
 output_file_name_prefix = file.rsplit('.',1)[0]
 prettyHTML = soup.prettify()
 soup = bs(str(newdom), "lxml")
 transform = ET.XSLT(xslt)
 xml_file =
 xml_file_name = xml_message_definitions_dir_name+file
string xml_message_definitions_dir_name = "../message_definitions/v1.0/"
 xsl_file =
string xsl_file_name = "mavlink_to_html_table_gitbook.xsl"
 xslt = ET.fromstring(xsl_file)

Detailed Description

This script generates markdown files for all the MAVLink message definition XML at:
The files can be imported into a gitbook to display the messages as HTML

The script runs on both Python2 and Python 3. The following libraries must be imported: lxml, requests, bs4.

The file is run in mavlink/doc/ with no arguments. It writes the files to /messages/

Function Documentation

def mavlink_gitbook.fix_content_in_tags (   input_html)

BS puts each tag/content in its own line.

Gitbook generates anchors using the spaces/newlines. This puts displayed text content immediately within tags so that anchors/links generate properly

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def mavlink_gitbook.fix_include_file_extension (   input_html)

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def mavlink_gitbook.fix_replace_space_marker (   input_html)

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def mavlink_gitbook.inject_top_level_docs (   input_html,

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def mavlink_gitbook.strip_text_before_string (   original_text,

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Variable Documentation

mavlink_gitbook.dialect_files = set()

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mavlink_gitbook.dom = ET.fromstring(xml_file)

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mavlink_gitbook.index_file_name = ""

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string mavlink_gitbook.index_text
Initial value:
2 # Dialects {#dialects}
4 MAVLink *dialects* are XML files that define *protocol-* and *vendor-specific* messages, enums and commands.
6 Dialects may *include* other MAVLink XML files.
7 A typical pattern is for a dialect to include [common.xml](../messages/ (containing the *MAVLink standard definitions*), extending it with vendor or protocol specific messages.
8 While a dialect can include any other message definition, only only a single level of nesting is supported ([at time of writing](
10 > **Note** Vendor forks of MAVLink may contain dialect messages that are not yet merged, and hence will not appear in this documentation.
12 The dialect files are stored alongside in separate XML files in [mavlink/message definitions](
14 The human-readable forms of the XML dialect files are linked below:
15 """

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mavlink_gitbook.markdown_text = ''

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mavlink_gitbook.newdom = transform(dom)

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string mavlink_gitbook.output_dir = "./messages/"

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string mavlink_gitbook.output_dir_html = output_dir+"_html/"

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string mavlink_gitbook.output_file_name_html = file.rsplit('.',1)[0]+".html"

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mavlink_gitbook.output_file_name_html_withdir = output_dir_html+output_file_name_html

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string mavlink_gitbook.output_file_name_md_withdir = output_dir+output_file_name_prefix+'.md'

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mavlink_gitbook.output_file_name_prefix = file.rsplit('.',1)[0]

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mavlink_gitbook.prettyHTML = soup.prettify()

Definition at line 153 of file

mavlink_gitbook.soup = bs(str(newdom), "lxml")

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mavlink_gitbook.transform = ET.XSLT(xslt)

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mavlink_gitbook.xml_file =

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mavlink_gitbook.xml_file_name = xml_message_definitions_dir_name+file

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string mavlink_gitbook.xml_message_definitions_dir_name = "../message_definitions/v1.0/"

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mavlink_gitbook.xsl_file =

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string mavlink_gitbook.xsl_file_name = "mavlink_to_html_table_gitbook.xsl"

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mavlink_gitbook.xslt = ET.fromstring(xsl_file)

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Author(s): Lorenz Meier
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