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rqt_py_trees.plugins.timeline_renderer.TimelineRenderer Class Reference
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def __init__ (self, timeline, msg_combine_px=1.5)
def close (self)
def draw_timeline_segment (self, painter, topic, stamp_start, stamp_end, x, y, width, height)
def get_segment_height (self, topic)

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Detailed Description

A custom renderer for interval of time of a topic on the timeline.

@param msg_combine_px: don't draw discrete messages if they're less than this many pixels separated [default: 1.5]
@type  msg_combine_px: float

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def rqt_py_trees.plugins.timeline_renderer.TimelineRenderer.__init__ (   self,
  msg_combine_px = 1.5 

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Member Function Documentation

def rqt_py_trees.plugins.timeline_renderer.TimelineRenderer.close (   self)
Close the renderer, releasing any resources.

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def rqt_py_trees.plugins.timeline_renderer.TimelineRenderer.draw_timeline_segment (   self,
Draw the timeline segment.

@param painter: QPainter context to render into
@param topic: topic name
@param stamp_start: start of the interval on the timeline
@param stamp_end: start of the interval on the timeline
@param x: x coordinate of the timeline interval
@param y: y coordinate of the timeline interval
@param width: width in pixels of the timeline interval
@param height: height in pixels of the timeline interval
@return: whether the interval was renderered
@rtype:  bool

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def rqt_py_trees.plugins.timeline_renderer.TimelineRenderer.get_segment_height (   self,
Get the height of the topic segment on the timeline.

@param topic: topic name to draw
@type  topic: str
@return: height in pixels of the topic segment. If none, the timeline default is used.
@rtype:  int or None

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