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rqt_py_trees.dynamic_timeline_frame._SelectionMode Class Reference
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Static Public Attributes

string LEFT_MARKED = 'left marked'
string MARKED = 'marked'
string MOVE_LEFT = 'move left'
string MOVE_RIGHT = 'move right'
string NONE = 'none'
string SHIFTING = 'shifting'

Detailed Description

SelectionMode states consolidated for readability
NONE = no region marked or started
LEFT_MARKED = one end of the region has been marked
MARKED = both ends of the region have been marked
SHIFTING = region is marked; currently dragging the region
MOVE_LEFT = region is marked; currently changing the left boundry of the selected region
MOVE_RIGHT = region is marked; currently changing the right boundry of the selected region

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Member Data Documentation

string rqt_py_trees.dynamic_timeline_frame._SelectionMode.LEFT_MARKED = 'left marked'

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string rqt_py_trees.dynamic_timeline_frame._SelectionMode.MARKED = 'marked'

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string rqt_py_trees.dynamic_timeline_frame._SelectionMode.MOVE_LEFT = 'move left'

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string rqt_py_trees.dynamic_timeline_frame._SelectionMode.MOVE_RIGHT = 'move right'

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string rqt_py_trees.dynamic_timeline_frame._SelectionMode.NONE = 'none'

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string rqt_py_trees.dynamic_timeline_frame._SelectionMode.SHIFTING = 'shifting'

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