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ros::WallTimerOptions Struct Reference

Encapsulates all options available for starting a timer. More...

#include <wall_timer_options.h>

Public Member Functions

 WallTimerOptions ()
 WallTimerOptions (WallDuration _period, const WallTimerCallback &_callback, CallbackQueueInterface *_queue, bool oneshot=false, bool autostart=true)

Public Attributes

bool autostart
WallTimerCallback callback
 The callback to call. More...
 Queue to add callbacks to. If NULL, the global callback queue will be used. More...
bool oneshot
WallDuration period
 The period to call the callback at. More...
VoidConstPtr tracked_object

Detailed Description

Encapsulates all options available for starting a timer.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ros::WallTimerOptions::WallTimerOptions ( )

Definition at line 42 of file wall_timer_options.h.

ros::WallTimerOptions::WallTimerOptions ( WallDuration  _period,
const WallTimerCallback _callback,
CallbackQueueInterface _queue,
bool  oneshot = false,
bool  autostart = true 

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Member Data Documentation

bool ros::WallTimerOptions::autostart

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WallTimerCallback ros::WallTimerOptions::callback

The callback to call.

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CallbackQueueInterface* ros::WallTimerOptions::callback_queue

Queue to add callbacks to. If NULL, the global callback queue will be used.

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bool ros::WallTimerOptions::oneshot

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WallDuration ros::WallTimerOptions::period

The period to call the callback at.

Definition at line 63 of file wall_timer_options.h.

VoidConstPtr ros::WallTimerOptions::tracked_object

A shared pointer to an object to track for these callbacks. If set, the a weak_ptr will be created to this object, and if the reference count goes to 0 the subscriber callbacks will not get called.

Note that setting this will cause a new reference to be added to the object before the callback, and for it to go out of scope (and potentially be deleted) in the code path (and therefore thread) that the callback is invoked from.

Definition at line 76 of file wall_timer_options.h.

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