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pr2_mechanism_diagnostics::ControllerStats Class Reference

#include <controller_diagnostics.h>

Public Member Functions

 ControllerStats (std::string nam, bool disable_warnings)
bool shouldDiscard () const
boost::shared_ptr< diagnostic_updater::DiagnosticStatusWrappertoDiagStat () const
bool update (const pr2_mechanism_msgs::ControllerStatistics &cs)
 ~ControllerStats ()

Private Attributes

bool disable_warnings_
ros::Time last_overrun_time
ros::Duration max_time
ros::Duration mean_time
std::string name
int num_overruns
bool running
ros::Time timestamp
ros::Time updateTime
ros::Duration variance_time

Detailed Description

Tracks data from controllers and publishes to diagnostics Updates with pr2_mechanism_msgs/ControllerStatistics data

Controllers that don't update in more than 3 seconds will be discarded. Controllers that have overran the 1000us limit will report a warning for the 30 seconds after the most recent overrun.

Definition at line 58 of file controller_diagnostics.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ControllerStats::ControllerStats ( std::string  nam,
bool  disable_warnings 

Definition at line 43 of file controller_diagnostics.cpp.

pr2_mechanism_diagnostics::ControllerStats::~ControllerStats ( )

Definition at line 77 of file controller_diagnostics.h.

Member Function Documentation

bool pr2_mechanism_diagnostics::ControllerStats::shouldDiscard ( ) const

Definition at line 82 of file controller_diagnostics.h.

boost::shared_ptr< diagnostic_updater::DiagnosticStatusWrapper > ControllerStats::toDiagStat ( ) const

Definition at line 73 of file controller_diagnostics.cpp.

bool ControllerStats::update ( const pr2_mechanism_msgs::ControllerStatistics &  cs)

! True if we should discard stale controller value

Definition at line 52 of file controller_diagnostics.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

bool pr2_mechanism_diagnostics::ControllerStats::disable_warnings_

Definition at line 72 of file controller_diagnostics.h.

ros::Time pr2_mechanism_diagnostics::ControllerStats::last_overrun_time

Definition at line 70 of file controller_diagnostics.h.

ros::Duration pr2_mechanism_diagnostics::ControllerStats::max_time

Definition at line 66 of file controller_diagnostics.h.

ros::Duration pr2_mechanism_diagnostics::ControllerStats::mean_time

Definition at line 67 of file controller_diagnostics.h.

std::string pr2_mechanism_diagnostics::ControllerStats::name

Definition at line 63 of file controller_diagnostics.h.

int pr2_mechanism_diagnostics::ControllerStats::num_overruns

Definition at line 69 of file controller_diagnostics.h.

bool pr2_mechanism_diagnostics::ControllerStats::running

Definition at line 65 of file controller_diagnostics.h.

ros::Time pr2_mechanism_diagnostics::ControllerStats::timestamp

Definition at line 64 of file controller_diagnostics.h.

ros::Time pr2_mechanism_diagnostics::ControllerStats::updateTime

Definition at line 61 of file controller_diagnostics.h.

ros::Duration pr2_mechanism_diagnostics::ControllerStats::variance_time

Definition at line 68 of file controller_diagnostics.h.

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