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Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
 containers.cppBenchmarks the performance of various container types
 eigen3_decompositions.cppBenchmark the decompositions in Eigen
 eigen3_inverse.cppTests eigen3 inverses and decompositions
 eigen3_transforms.cppBenchmark various aspects of eigen's geometry module
 eigen_sparse.cppBenchmark sparse matrix operations for Eigen (ecl_linear_algebra)
 exceptions.cppBenchmarks the performance of ecl exceptions
 files.cppBenchmark comparing various file writing/reading alternatives
 flops.cppFloating point benchmarking test
 hex.cppUtility for testing a serial port connection using hex magic only
 process_statistics.cppDetects parameter configurations for processes' on your system
 quaternion2yaw.cppAngle converter
 serial.cppUtility for testing a serial port connection
 snooze.cppBenchmark for the absolute periodic timers (snoozers)
 socket_client.cppUse to test tcp/ip connections
 socket_server.cppUse to test tcp/ip connections
 streams.cppBenchmark streams to standard output
 string_conversions.cppBenchmarks the performance of various string conversions
 yaw2quaternion.cppAngle converter

Author(s): Daniel Stonier
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