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bebop_driver::Bebop Class Reference

#include <bebop.h>

Public Member Functions

void AnimationFlip (const uint8_t &anim_id)
 Bebop (ARSAL_Print_Callback_t custom_print_callback=0)
void Connect (ros::NodeHandle &nh, ros::NodeHandle &priv_nh, const std::string &bebop_ip="")
void Disconnect ()
void Emergency ()
void FlatTrim ()
const ARCONTROLLER_Device_t * GetControllerCstPtr () const
bool GetFrontCameraFrame (std::vector< uint8_t > &buffer, uint32_t &width, uint32_t &height) const
uint32_t GetFrontCameraFrameHeight () const
uint32_t GetFrontCameraFrameWidth () const
ARSAL_Sem_t * GetStateSemPtr ()
bool IsConnected () const
bool IsStreamingStarted () const
void Land ()
void Move (const double &roll, const double &pitch, const double &gaz_speed, const double &yaw_speed)
void MoveCamera (const double &tilt, const double &pan)
void NavigateHome (const bool &start_stop)
void PauseAutonomousFlight ()
void RequestAllSettings ()
void ResetAllSettings ()
void SetDate (const std::string &date)
void SetExposure (const float &exposure)
void StartAutonomousFlight (const std::string &filepath)
void StartStreaming ()
void StopAutonomousFlight ()
void StopStreaming ()
void Takeoff ()
void TakeSnapshot ()
void ToggleVideoRecording (const bool start)
void UpdateSettings (const bebop_driver::BebopArdrone3Config &config)
 ~Bebop ()

Private Types

typedef std::pair< eARCONTROLLER_DICTIONARY_KEY, boost::shared_ptr< cb::AbstractCommand > > callback_map_pair_t
typedef std::map< eARCONTROLLER_DICTIONARY_KEY, boost::shared_ptr< cb::AbstractCommand > > callback_map_t

Private Member Functions

void Cleanup ()
void ThrowOnCtrlError (const eARCONTROLLER_ERROR &error, const std::string &message=std::string())
void ThrowOnInternalError (const std::string &message=std::string())

Static Private Member Functions

static void CommandReceivedCallback (eARCONTROLLER_DICTIONARY_KEY cmd_key, ARCONTROLLER_DICTIONARY_ELEMENT_t *element_dict_ptr, void *bebop_void_ptr)
static eARCONTROLLER_ERROR DecoderConfigCallback (ARCONTROLLER_Stream_Codec_t codec, void *bebop_void_ptr)
static eARCONTROLLER_ERROR FrameReceivedCallback (ARCONTROLLER_Frame_t *frame, void *bebop_void_ptr)
static void StateChangedCallback (eARCONTROLLER_DEVICE_STATE new_state, eARCONTROLLER_ERROR error, void *bebop_void_ptr)

Private Attributes

std::string bebop_ip_
callback_map_t callback_map_
ARCONTROLLER_Device_t * device_controller_ptr_
ARDISCOVERY_Device_t * device_ptr_
boost::condition_variable frame_avail_cond_
boost::mutex frame_avail_mutex_
boost::atomic< bool > is_connected_
bool is_frame_avail_
boost::atomic< bool > is_streaming_started_
ARSAL_Sem_t state_sem_
boost::shared_ptr< VideoDecodervideo_decoder_ptr_

Static Private Attributes

static const char * LOG_TAG = "BebopSDK"

Detailed Description

Definition at line 84 of file bebop.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::pair<eARCONTROLLER_DICTIONARY_KEY, boost::shared_ptr<cb::AbstractCommand> > bebop_driver::Bebop::callback_map_pair_t

Definition at line 100 of file bebop.h.

typedef std::map<eARCONTROLLER_DICTIONARY_KEY, boost::shared_ptr<cb::AbstractCommand> > bebop_driver::Bebop::callback_map_t

Definition at line 99 of file bebop.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

bebop_driver::Bebop::Bebop ( ARSAL_Print_Callback_t  custom_print_callback = 0)

Definition at line 210 of file bebop.cpp.

bebop_driver::Bebop::~Bebop ( )

Definition at line 228 of file bebop.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void bebop_driver::Bebop::AnimationFlip ( const uint8_t &  anim_id)

Definition at line 505 of file bebop.cpp.

void bebop_driver::Bebop::Cleanup ( )

Definition at line 324 of file bebop.cpp.

void bebop_driver::Bebop::CommandReceivedCallback ( eARCONTROLLER_DICTIONARY_KEY  cmd_key,
void *  bebop_void_ptr 

Definition at line 104 of file bebop.cpp.

void bebop_driver::Bebop::Connect ( ros::NodeHandle nh,
ros::NodeHandle priv_nh,
const std::string &  bebop_ip = "" 

Definition at line 236 of file bebop.cpp.

eARCONTROLLER_ERROR bebop_driver::Bebop::DecoderConfigCallback ( ARCONTROLLER_Stream_Codec_t  codec,
void *  bebop_void_ptr 

Definition at line 139 of file bebop.cpp.

void bebop_driver::Bebop::Disconnect ( )

Definition at line 386 of file bebop.cpp.

void bebop_driver::Bebop::Emergency ( )

Definition at line 456 of file bebop.cpp.

void bebop_driver::Bebop::FlatTrim ( )

Definition at line 464 of file bebop.cpp.

eARCONTROLLER_ERROR bebop_driver::Bebop::FrameReceivedCallback ( ARCONTROLLER_Frame_t *  frame,
void *  bebop_void_ptr 

Definition at line 168 of file bebop.cpp.

const ARCONTROLLER_Device_t* bebop_driver::Bebop::GetControllerCstPtr ( ) const

Definition at line 139 of file bebop.h.

bool bebop_driver::Bebop::GetFrontCameraFrame ( std::vector< uint8_t > &  buffer,
uint32_t &  width,
uint32_t &  height 
) const

Definition at line 572 of file bebop.cpp.

uint32_t bebop_driver::Bebop::GetFrontCameraFrameHeight ( ) const

Definition at line 567 of file bebop.cpp.

uint32_t bebop_driver::Bebop::GetFrontCameraFrameWidth ( ) const

Definition at line 562 of file bebop.cpp.

ARSAL_Sem_t* bebop_driver::Bebop::GetStateSemPtr ( )

Definition at line 138 of file bebop.h.

bool bebop_driver::Bebop::IsConnected ( ) const

Definition at line 141 of file bebop.h.

bool bebop_driver::Bebop::IsStreamingStarted ( ) const

Definition at line 142 of file bebop.h.

void bebop_driver::Bebop::Land ( )

Definition at line 448 of file bebop.cpp.

void bebop_driver::Bebop::Move ( const double &  roll,
const double &  pitch,
const double &  gaz_speed,
const double &  yaw_speed 

Definition at line 519 of file bebop.cpp.

void bebop_driver::Bebop::MoveCamera ( const double &  tilt,
const double &  pan 

Definition at line 553 of file bebop.cpp.

void bebop_driver::Bebop::NavigateHome ( const bool &  start_stop)

Definition at line 472 of file bebop.cpp.

void bebop_driver::Bebop::PauseAutonomousFlight ( )

Definition at line 489 of file bebop.cpp.

void bebop_driver::Bebop::RequestAllSettings ( )

Definition at line 402 of file bebop.cpp.

void bebop_driver::Bebop::ResetAllSettings ( )

Definition at line 410 of file bebop.cpp.

void bebop_driver::Bebop::SetDate ( const std::string &  date)

Definition at line 394 of file bebop.cpp.

void bebop_driver::Bebop::SetExposure ( const float &  exposure)

Definition at line 610 of file bebop.cpp.

void bebop_driver::Bebop::StartAutonomousFlight ( const std::string &  filepath)

Definition at line 481 of file bebop.cpp.

void bebop_driver::Bebop::StartStreaming ( )

Definition at line 345 of file bebop.cpp.

void bebop_driver::Bebop::StateChangedCallback ( eARCONTROLLER_DEVICE_STATE  new_state,
void *  bebop_void_ptr 

Definition at line 88 of file bebop.cpp.

void bebop_driver::Bebop::StopAutonomousFlight ( )

Definition at line 497 of file bebop.cpp.

void bebop_driver::Bebop::StopStreaming ( )

Definition at line 369 of file bebop.cpp.

void bebop_driver::Bebop::Takeoff ( )

Definition at line 440 of file bebop.cpp.

void bebop_driver::Bebop::TakeSnapshot ( )

Definition at line 602 of file bebop.cpp.

void bebop_driver::Bebop::ThrowOnCtrlError ( const eARCONTROLLER_ERROR &  error,
const std::string &  message = std::string() 

Definition at line 636 of file bebop.cpp.

void bebop_driver::Bebop::ThrowOnInternalError ( const std::string &  message = std::string())

Definition at line 628 of file bebop.cpp.

void bebop_driver::Bebop::ToggleVideoRecording ( const bool  start)

Definition at line 619 of file bebop.cpp.

void bebop_driver::Bebop::UpdateSettings ( const bebop_driver::BebopArdrone3Config &  config)

Definition at line 420 of file bebop.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

std::string bebop_driver::Bebop::bebop_ip_

Definition at line 96 of file bebop.h.

callback_map_t bebop_driver::Bebop::callback_map_

Definition at line 101 of file bebop.h.

ARCONTROLLER_Device_t* bebop_driver::Bebop::device_controller_ptr_

Definition at line 91 of file bebop.h.

ARDISCOVERY_Device_t* bebop_driver::Bebop::device_ptr_

Definition at line 90 of file bebop.h.

eARCONTROLLER_DEVICE_STATE bebop_driver::Bebop::device_state_

Definition at line 93 of file bebop.h.

eARCONTROLLER_ERROR bebop_driver::Bebop::error_

Definition at line 92 of file bebop.h.

boost::condition_variable bebop_driver::Bebop::frame_avail_cond_

Definition at line 104 of file bebop.h.

boost::mutex bebop_driver::Bebop::frame_avail_mutex_

Definition at line 105 of file bebop.h.

boost::atomic<bool> bebop_driver::Bebop::is_connected_

Definition at line 88 of file bebop.h.

bool bebop_driver::Bebop::is_frame_avail_

Definition at line 106 of file bebop.h.

boost::atomic<bool> bebop_driver::Bebop::is_streaming_started_

Definition at line 89 of file bebop.h.

const char * bebop_driver::Bebop::LOG_TAG = "BebopSDK"

Definition at line 87 of file bebop.h.

ARSAL_Sem_t bebop_driver::Bebop::state_sem_

Definition at line 94 of file bebop.h.

boost::shared_ptr<VideoDecoder> bebop_driver::Bebop::video_decoder_ptr_

Definition at line 95 of file bebop.h.

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