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rocon_remocon.interactions_chooser.QInteractionsChooser Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def bind_function
def hide
def refresh_interactions_list
def select_role
def show

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Private Member Functions

def _back
def _close_event
def _display_interaction_info
 Interactions List Widget.
def _set_stop_interactions_button
 Gui Updates/Refreshes.
def _start_interaction
 Start/Stop Interactions.
def _stop_interaction

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def rocon_remocon.interactions_chooser.QInteractionsChooser.__init__ (   self,
  interactive_client_interface = None 

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Member Function Documentation

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Re-implementation of close event handlers for the interaction chooser's children
(i.e. role and interactions list widgets).

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Interactions List Widget.

Display the currently selected interaction's information. Triggered
when single-clicking on it in the interactions list view.

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Gui Updates/Refreshes.

  Disable or enable the stop button depending on whether the
  selected interaction has any currently launched processes,

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Start/Stop Interactions.

Start selected interactions when user hits start button and does doubleclicking interaction item.
The interactions can be launched in duplicate.

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Stop running interactions when user hits `stop` or 'all stop interactions button` button.
If no interactions is running, buttons are disabled.

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def rocon_remocon.interactions_chooser.QInteractionsChooser.bind_function (   self,
Binding external function to map with ui button

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Hiding the interactions chooser

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This just does a complete redraw of the interactions with the
currently selected role. It's a bit brute force doing this
every time the interactions' 'state' changes, but this suffices for now.

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Take the selected role to get a list of interaction.

:param role: role name from role chooser.
:type role: string

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Showing the interactions chooser

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Member Data Documentation

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