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CORBA_IORUtil.cpp File Reference
#include <iostream>
#include <sstream>
#include <rtm/CORBA_IORUtil.h>
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namespace  CORBA_IORUtil


#define POA_NAME_SEP   '\xff'
#define TRANSIENT_SUFFIX_SEP   '\xfe'


std::string CORBA_IORUtil::formatIORinfo (const char *iorstr)
 Extracts information from IOR string and returns formatted string.
static int CORBA_IORUtil::get_poa_info (OctetUSequence &key, StringUSequence &poas_out, int &transient_out, OctetUSequence &id_out)
static void CORBA_IORUtil::print_key (std::stringstream &s, OctetUSequence &key)
static void CORBA_IORUtil::print_omni_key (std::stringstream &sstr, OctetUSequence &key)
static void CORBA_IORUtil::print_tagged_components (std::stringstream &sstr, IOP::MultipleComponentProfile &comps)
bool CORBA_IORUtil::replaceEndpoint (std::string &iorstr, const std::string &endpoint)
 Replace endpoint address in IOR entry.
bool CORBA_IORUtil::toIOR (const char *iorstr, IOP::IOR &ior)
 Convert from IOR string to IOR structure.
bool CORBA_IORUtil::toString (IOP::IOR &ior, std::string &iorstr)
 Convert from IOR structure to IOR string.

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#define POA_NAME_SEP   '\xff'

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#define TRANSIENT_SUFFIX_SEP   '\xfe'

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