Outdated Documentation

This is the old Indigo tutorials (code can be found at moveit_tutorials repository in doc folder. Use indigo-devel branch). The latest can be found here for Kinetic.

Creating Custom Constraint Samplers


Some planning problems require more complex or custom constraint samplers for more difficult planning problems. This document explains how to creat a custom motion planning constraint sampler for use with MoveIt!.


Creating a constraint sampler

  • Create a ROBOT_moveit_plugins package and within that a subfolder for your YOURROBOT_constraint_sampler plugin. Modify the template provided by hrp2jsk_moveit_plugins/hrp2jsk_moveit_constraint_sampler_plugin

  • In your ROBOT_moveit_config/launch/move_group.launch file, within the <node name=”move_group”>, add the parameter:

    <param name=”constraint_samplers” value=”YOURROBOT_moveit_constraint_sampler/YOURROBOTConstraintSamplerAllocator”/>

  • Now when you launch move_group, it should default to your new constraint sampler.

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