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double angleDiff (double a, double b)
int any_nan (const double *d, int n)
void copy_d (const double *from, int n, double *to)
int count_equal (const int *v, int n, int value)
double deg2rad (double deg)
double dist_to_segment_d (const double a[2], const double b[2], const double x[2])
double dist_to_segment_squared_d (const double a[2], const double b[2], const double x[2])
double distance_d (const double a[2], const double b[2])
double distance_squared_d (const double a[2], const double b[2])
const char * friendly_pose (const double *pose)
int is_nan (double v)
double max_in_array (const double *v, int n)
int minmax (int from, int to, int x)
double norm_d (const double p[2])
double normalize_0_2PI (double angle)
void ominus_d (const double x[3], double res[3])
void oplus_d (const double x1[3], const double x2[3], double res[3])
void pose_diff_d (const double second[3], const double first[3], double res[3])
void projection_on_line_d (const double a[2], const double b[2], const double p[2], double res[2], double *distance)
void projection_on_segment_d (const double a[2], const double b[2], const double P[2], double proj[2])
double rad2deg (double rad)
double segment_alpha (const double p0[2], const double p1[2])
int segment_ray_tracing (const double p0[2], const double p1[2], const double eye[2], double direction, double *range)
double square (double x)
void transform_d (const double point2d[2], const double pose[3], double result2d[2])

Function Documentation

double angleDiff ( double  a,
double  b 

Returns an angle difference in the [-pi, pi] range

Definition at line 128 of file math_utils.c.

int any_nan ( const double *  d,
int  n 

Returns true if any value in d is NAN

Definition at line 64 of file math_utils.c.

void copy_d ( const double *  from,
int  n,
double *  to 

Copies n doubles from from to to

Definition at line 83 of file math_utils.c.

int count_equal ( const int *  v,
int  n,
int  value 

Count numbers of items in array v equal to value

Definition at line 192 of file math_utils.c.

double deg2rad ( double  deg)

Degrees to radians

Definition at line 75 of file math_utils.c.

double dist_to_segment_d ( const double  a[2],
const double  b[2],
const double  x[2] 

Distance of x from its projection on segment a-b

Definition at line 181 of file math_utils.c.

double dist_to_segment_squared_d ( const double  a[2],
const double  b[2],
const double  x[2] 

Same thing as dist_to_segment_d(), but squared

Definition at line 174 of file math_utils.c.

double distance_d ( const double  a[2],
const double  b[2] 

Definition at line 55 of file math_utils.c.

double distance_squared_d ( const double  a[2],
const double  b[2] 

Definition at line 48 of file math_utils.c.

const char* friendly_pose ( const double *  pose)

A function to print poses and covariances in a friendly way

Definition at line 266 of file math_utils.c.

int is_nan ( double  v)

Returns true v is NAN

Definition at line 60 of file math_utils.c.

double max_in_array ( const double *  v,
int  n 

Maximum value in the array

Definition at line 273 of file math_utils.c.

int minmax ( int  from,
int  to,
int  x 

Definition at line 6 of file math_utils.c.

double norm_d ( const double  p[2])

Returns norm of 2D point p

Definition at line 71 of file math_utils.c.

double normalize_0_2PI ( double  angle)

Normalizes an angle in the 0-2PI range

Definition at line 198 of file math_utils.c.

void ominus_d ( const double  x[3],
double  res[3] 

These are the operators defined in Smith & Cheeseman

Definition at line 87 of file math_utils.c.

void oplus_d ( const double  x1[3],
const double  x2[3],
double  res[3] 

safe if res == x1

Definition at line 96 of file math_utils.c.

void pose_diff_d ( const double  second[3],
const double  first[3],
double  res[3] 

Definition at line 115 of file math_utils.c.

void projection_on_line_d ( const double  a[2],
const double  b[2],
const double  p[2],
double  res[2],
double *  distance 

Projects (p[0],p[1]) on the LINE passing through (ax,ay)-(bx,by). If distance!=0, distance is set to the distance from the point to the segment

Definition at line 135 of file math_utils.c.

void projection_on_segment_d ( const double  a[2],
const double  b[2],
const double  P[2],
double  proj[2] 

Projection of P on the SEGMENT A-B

Definition at line 156 of file math_utils.c.

double rad2deg ( double  rad)

Radians to degrees

Definition at line 79 of file math_utils.c.

double segment_alpha ( const double  p0[2],
const double  p1[2] 

Returns the orientation of the normal for the line passing through p0-p1

Definition at line 257 of file math_utils.c.

int segment_ray_tracing ( const double  p0[2],
const double  p1[2],
const double  eye[2],
double  direction,
double *  range 

Definition at line 218 of file math_utils.c.

double square ( double  x)

Definition at line 124 of file math_utils.c.

void transform_d ( const double  point2d[2],
const double  pose[3],
double  result2d[2] 

Definition at line 108 of file math_utils.c.

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