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json_journal.h File Reference
#include <stdio.h>
#include <json-c/json.h>
#include <json-c/json_more_utils.h>
#include "laser_data_json.h"
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#define JJ   jj_enabled()


void jj_add (const char *name, JO)
void jj_add_double (const char *name, double)
void jj_add_double_array (const char *name, double *, int)
void jj_add_int (const char *name, int)
void jj_add_int_array (const char *name, int *, int)
void jj_context_enter (const char *context_name)
void jj_context_exit (void)
int jj_enabled (void)
FILE * jj_get_stream (void)
void jj_loop_enter (const char *loop_name)
void jj_loop_exit (void)
void jj_loop_iteration (void)
void jj_must_be_array (void)
void jj_must_be_hash (void)
void jj_set_stream (FILE *)
void jj_stack_pop (void)
void jj_stack_push (JO jo)
JO jj_stack_top (void)

Define Documentation

#define JJ   jj_enabled()

This is a collection of functions for debugging purposes only. It's a little cryptic, but if you don't understand them, don't worry.

The information used by this is used primarily to create the icp animation videos. Public interface

Definition at line 21 of file json_journal.h.

Function Documentation

void jj_add ( const char *  name,

Definition at line 104 of file json_journal.c.

void jj_add_double ( const char *  name,

Definition at line 91 of file json_journal.c.

void jj_add_double_array ( const char *  name,
double *  ,

Definition at line 96 of file json_journal.c.

void jj_add_int ( const char *  name,

Definition at line 86 of file json_journal.c.

void jj_add_int_array ( const char *  name,
int *  ,

Definition at line 100 of file json_journal.c.

void jj_context_enter ( const char *  context_name)

Definition at line 36 of file json_journal.c.

void jj_context_exit ( void  )

Definition at line 56 of file json_journal.c.

int jj_enabled ( void  )

Definition at line 12 of file json_journal.c.

FILE* jj_get_stream ( void  )

Definition at line 113 of file json_journal.c.

void jj_loop_enter ( const char *  loop_name)

Definition at line 61 of file json_journal.c.

void jj_loop_exit ( void  )

Definition at line 78 of file json_journal.c.

void jj_loop_iteration ( void  )

Definition at line 68 of file json_journal.c.

void jj_must_be_array ( void  )

(private) Asserts if the stack top is not an array.

Definition at line 52 of file json_journal.c.

void jj_must_be_hash ( void  )

(private) Asserts if the stack top is not an hash.

Definition at line 48 of file json_journal.c.

void jj_set_stream ( FILE *  )

Definition at line 109 of file json_journal.c.

void jj_stack_pop ( void  )

Definition at line 26 of file json_journal.c.

void jj_stack_push ( JO  jo)

(private) Pushes an object onto the stack.

Definition at line 21 of file json_journal.c.

JO jj_stack_top ( void  )

(private) Gets the top of the stack.

Definition at line 16 of file json_journal.c.

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