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hsm.h File Reference
#include <stdlib.h>
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struct  hsm_buffer_struct
struct  hsm_params


typedef struct hsm_buffer_structhsm_buffer


int compare_descending (const void *index_pt1, const void *index_pt2)
hsm_buffer hsm_buffer_alloc (struct hsm_params *)
void hsm_buffer_free (hsm_buffer)
void hsm_circular_cross_corr_stupid (int n, const double *a, const double *b, double *res)
void hsm_compute_ht_base (hsm_buffer, const double base_pose[3])
void hsm_compute_ht_point (hsm_buffer, double x, double y, double weight)
void hsm_compute_spectrum (hsm_buffer)
void hsm_compute_spectrum_norm (hsm_buffer b)
void hsm_find_local_maxima_circ (int n, const double *f, int *maxima, int *nmaxima)
void hsm_find_local_maxima_linear (int n, const double *f, int *maxima, int *nmaxima)
void hsm_find_peaks_circ (int n, const double *f, double min_angle_deg, int unidir, int max_peaks, int *peaks, int *npeaks)
void hsm_find_peaks_linear (int n, const double *f, double min_dist, int max_peaks, int *peaks, int *npeaks)
void hsm_generate_combinations (int nslots, const int possible_choices[], int i, int i_choice[])
int hsm_is_angle_between_smaller_than_deg (double angle1, double angle2, double threshold_deg)
void hsm_linear_cross_corr_stupid (int na, const double *a, int nb, const double *b, double *res, int *lags, int min_lag, int max_lag)
void hsm_match (struct hsm_params *p, hsm_buffer b1, hsm_buffer b2)
int hsm_rho2index (hsm_buffer b, double rho, int *rho_index, double *alpha)
int pos_mod (int a, int b)
void qsort_descending (int *indexes, size_t nmemb, const double *values)

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct hsm_buffer_struct* hsm_buffer

Definition at line 96 of file hsm.h.

Function Documentation

int compare_descending ( const void *  index_pt1,
const void *  index_pt2 

Definition at line 575 of file hsm.c.

Allocates the buffer structures. Remember to call hsm_buffer_free afterwards

Definition at line 10 of file hsm.c.

Frees the buffer structure

Definition at line 62 of file hsm.c.

void hsm_circular_cross_corr_stupid ( int  n,
const double *  a,
const double *  b,
double *  res 

Creates circular cross-correlation in a stupid way

Definition at line 539 of file hsm.c.

void hsm_compute_ht_base ( hsm_buffer  ,
const double  base_pose[3] 

Private interface This adds a base displacement to the point added by hsm_compute_ht_point

Definition at line 82 of file hsm.c.

void hsm_compute_ht_point ( hsm_buffer  ,
double  x,
double  y,
double  weight 

Adds a point to the Hough Transform

Definition at line 90 of file hsm.c.

Computes the spectrum in the buffer

Definition at line 140 of file hsm.c.

Definition at line 148 of file hsm.c.

void hsm_find_local_maxima_circ ( int  n,
const double *  f,
int *  maxima,
int *  nmaxima 

Finds the local maxima for a circular function. is a pointer to a struct of size n returns the number of maxima found

Definition at line 514 of file hsm.c.

void hsm_find_local_maxima_linear ( int  n,
const double *  f,
int *  maxima,
int *  nmaxima 

Definition at line 526 of file hsm.c.

void hsm_find_peaks_circ ( int  n,
const double *  f,
double  min_angle_deg,
int  unidir,
int  max_peaks,
int *  peaks,
int *  npeaks 

Finds the peaks of a circular function of length

Definition at line 401 of file hsm.c.

void hsm_find_peaks_linear ( int  n,
const double *  f,
double  min_dist,
int  max_peaks,
int *  peaks,
int *  npeaks 

Definition at line 460 of file hsm.c.

void hsm_generate_combinations ( int  nslots,
const int  possible_choices[],
int  i,
int  i_choice[] 

Definition at line 392 of file hsm.c.

int hsm_is_angle_between_smaller_than_deg ( double  angle1,
double  angle2,
double  threshold_deg 

Returns true if (rad) and (rad) are closer than (degrees!)

Definition at line 509 of file hsm.c.

void hsm_linear_cross_corr_stupid ( int  na,
const double *  a,
int  nb,
const double *  b,
double *  res,
int *  lags,
int  min_lag,
int  max_lag 

Definition at line 551 of file hsm.c.

void hsm_match ( struct hsm_params p,
hsm_buffer  b1,
hsm_buffer  b2 

Definition at line 156 of file hsm.c.

int hsm_rho2index ( hsm_buffer  b,
double  rho,
int *  rho_index,
double *  alpha 

Returns 0 if out of the buffer. rho_index is the closest cell, alpha between -0.5 and 0.5 specifies the distance from the center of the cell.

Definition at line 119 of file hsm.c.

int pos_mod ( int  a,
int  b 

Positive modulo

Definition at line 591 of file hsm.c.

void qsort_descending ( int *  indexes,
size_t  nmemb,
const double *  values 

Sorts the indexes based on the values

Definition at line 582 of file hsm.c.

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