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namespace  actionlib


#define ACTION_DEFINITION(ActionSpec)

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#define ACTION_DEFINITION (   ActionSpec)
typedef typename ActionSpec::_action_goal_type ActionGoal; \
  typedef typename ActionGoal::_goal_type Goal; \
  typedef typename ActionSpec::_action_result_type ActionResult; \
  typedef typename ActionResult::_result_type Result; \
  typedef typename ActionSpec::_action_feedback_type ActionFeedback; \
  typedef typename ActionFeedback::_feedback_type Feedback; \
  typedef boost::shared_ptr<const ActionGoal> ActionGoalConstPtr; \
  typedef boost::shared_ptr<ActionGoal> ActionGoalPtr; \
  typedef boost::shared_ptr<const Goal> GoalConstPtr; \
  typedef boost::shared_ptr<Goal> GoalPtr; \
  typedef boost::shared_ptr<const ActionResult> ActionResultConstPtr; \
  typedef boost::shared_ptr<ActionResult> ActionResultPtr; \
  typedef boost::shared_ptr<const Result> ResultConstPtr; \
  typedef boost::shared_ptr<Result> ResultPtr; \
  typedef boost::shared_ptr<const ActionFeedback> ActionFeedbackConstPtr; \
  typedef boost::shared_ptr<ActionFeedback> ActionFeedbackPtr; \
  typedef boost::shared_ptr<const Feedback> FeedbackConstPtr; \
  typedef boost::shared_ptr<Feedback> FeedbackPtr;

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