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pybind_rosmsg_typecasters.h File Reference
#include <pybind11/pybind11.h>
#include <ros/duration.h>
#include <ros/serialization.h>
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struct  pybind11::detail::DurationCaster< T >
 Convert ros::Duration / ros::WallDuration into a float. More...
struct  pybind11::detail::type_caster< ros::Duration >
struct  pybind11::detail::type_caster< ros::WallDuration >
struct  pybind11::detail::type_caster< T, enable_if_t< ros::message_traits::IsMessage< T >::value > >
 Convert ROS message types (C++ <-> python) More...


 Main namespace for MoveIt.


PYBIND11_EXPORT bool moveit::python::convertible (const pybind11::handle &h, const char *ros_msg_name)
PYBIND11_EXPORT pybind11::object moveit::python::createMessage (const std::string &ros_msg_name)

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