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triangle_motion_bound_visitor.h File Reference
#include "fcl/common/unused.h"
#include "fcl/math/motion/taylor_model/taylor_matrix.h"
#include "fcl/math/motion/taylor_model/taylor_vector.h"
#include "fcl/math/bv/RSS.h"
#include "fcl/math/motion/bv_motion_bound_visitor.h"
#include "fcl/math/motion/spline_motion.h"
#include "fcl/math/motion/screw_motion.h"
#include "fcl/math/motion/interp_motion.h"
#include "fcl/math/motion/translation_motion.h"
#include "fcl/math/motion/triangle_motion_bound_visitor-inl.h"
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class  fcl::InterpMotion< S >
 Linear interpolation motion Each Motion is assumed to have constant linear velocity and angular velocity The motion is R(t)(p - p_ref) + p_ref + T(t) Therefore, R(0) = R0, R(1) = R1 T(0) = T0 + R0 p_ref - p_ref T(1) = T1 + R1 p_ref - p_ref. More...
class  fcl::MotionBase< S >
class  fcl::ScrewMotion< S >
class  fcl::SplineMotion< S >
class  fcl::TranslationMotion< S >
class  fcl::TriangleMotionBoundVisitor< S >
struct  fcl::TriangleMotionBoundVisitorVisitImpl< S, MotionT >


 Main namespace.

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