ecl_core_apps Documentation


This includes a suite of programs demo'ing various aspects of the ecl_core. It also includes various benchmarking and utility programs for use primarily with embedded systems.

Embedded Control Library

This package collects some useful utility programs developed within the ecl_core framework. These programs have many different dependencies that otherwise couldn't be installed with their respective package, so are collected here.



  • src/utils/hex.cpp : utility for testing serial devices with raw hex data.
  • src/utils/serial.cpp : a generic serial connection testing program.
  • src/utils/process.cpp : detects various process statistics.


  • May 11 : Moved what I could back to their own packages.
  • Apr 10 : The famous flops benchmark test.
  • Jan 09 : Simple socket client-server interface for posix.
  • Dec 09 : Comparison test for various streaming mechanisms.
  • Dec 09 : The serial utilities, hex and serial.
  • Dec 09 : Latency benchmark for periodic timers working on absolute times.
  • Oct 09 : Comparison test for various file io api.
  • Sep 09 : A benchmark test for timing the cost of exceptions.
  • May 09 : Comparison test for the various container types.
  • May 09 : Comparison test for the c/c++/ecl api doing char string conversions.

Author(s): Daniel Stonier
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