karto::Grid< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for karto::Grid< T >, including all inherited members.

boost::serialization::access classkarto::Grid< T >friend
Clear()karto::Grid< T >inline
Clone()karto::Grid< T >inline
CreateGrid(kt_int32s width, kt_int32s height, kt_double resolution)karto::Grid< T >inlinestatic
GetBoundingBox() constkarto::Grid< T >inline
GetCoordinateConverter() constkarto::Grid< T >inline
GetDataPointer(const Vector2< kt_int32s > &rGrid)karto::Grid< T >inline
GetDataPointer(const Vector2< kt_int32s > &rGrid) constkarto::Grid< T >inline
GetDataPointer()karto::Grid< T >inline
GetDataPointer() constkarto::Grid< T >inline
GetDataSize() constkarto::Grid< T >inline
GetHeight() constkarto::Grid< T >inline
GetResolution() constkarto::Grid< T >inline
GetSize() constkarto::Grid< T >inline
GetValue(const Vector2< kt_int32s > &rGrid) constkarto::Grid< T >inline
GetWidth() constkarto::Grid< T >inline
GetWidthStep() constkarto::Grid< T >inline
Grid()karto::Grid< T >inline
Grid(kt_int32s width, kt_int32s height)karto::Grid< T >inlineprotected
GridIndex(const Vector2< kt_int32s > &rGrid, kt_bool boundaryCheck=true) constkarto::Grid< T >inlinevirtual
GridToWorld(const Vector2< kt_int32s > &rGrid, kt_bool flipY=false) constkarto::Grid< T >inline
IndexToGrid(kt_int32s index) constkarto::Grid< T >inline
IsValidGridIndex(const Vector2< kt_int32s > &rGrid) constkarto::Grid< T >inline
m_Heightkarto::Grid< T >private
m_pCoordinateConverterkarto::Grid< T >private
m_pDatakarto::Grid< T >private
m_Widthkarto::Grid< T >private
m_WidthStepkarto::Grid< T >private
Resize(kt_int32s width, kt_int32s height)karto::Grid< T >inlinevirtual
serialize(Archive &ar, const unsigned int version)karto::Grid< T >inlineprivate
TraceLine(kt_int32s x0, kt_int32s y0, kt_int32s x1, kt_int32s y1, Functor *f=NULL)karto::Grid< T >inline
WorldToGrid(const Vector2< kt_double > &rWorld, kt_bool flipY=false) constkarto::Grid< T >inline
~Grid()karto::Grid< T >inlinevirtual

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