Upstart for ROS Robots

This package aims to assist with creating simple platform-specific jobs to start your robot’s ROS launch files when its PC powers up.


The basic or one-off usage is with the install script, which can be as simple as:

$ rosrun robot_upstart install myrobot_bringup/launch/base.launch

This will create a job called myrobot on your machine, which launches base.launch. It will start automatically when you next start your machine, or you can bring it up and down manually (command may differ per providers (upstart by default)):

When upstart is in use
$ sudo service myrobot start
$ sudo service myrobot stop

When systemd in use
$ sudo systemctl start myrobot
$ sudo systemctl stop myrobot

If the job is crashing on startup, or you otherwise want to see what is being output to the terminal on startup, check the upstart log:

$ sudo tail /var/log/upstart/myrobot.log -n 30

$ sudo journalctl -u myrobot

For more details, please see The install script and The uninstall script.

Python API

More advanced users or platform maintainers will prefer to script the job creation as part of a larger installation script which may do other tasks, such as pick and choose which launchers to install based on a recipe, interactive wizard, or hardware introspection scheme.

These users will want to work with the Python API, which is detailed in Jobs.


If you’re interesting in adding support for other init schemes to robot_upstart, please see Providers.