The uninstall script

Use this script to remove upstart jobs created by the corresponding install script.

usage: uninstall [-h] [--rosdistro DISTRO] JOBNAME
Positional arguments:
jobname Name of job to uninstall.
--rosdistro Specify ROS distro this is for.


The uninstall script (and underlying method) make few guarantees— all that uinstall will do is attempt to remove the files which were recorded as created by the last-run install action. It’s not able to remove files added manually to a job after installation, nor can it detect and warn about modifications made to files.

If the installed files are moved or the .installed_files manifest file is not intact, uninstallation will fail.


You can find this script’s implementation in the robot_upstart.uninstall_script.main() function.


Implementation of the uninstall script.