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prbt_hardware_support::RunPermittedStateMachine_ Class Reference

Front-end state machine. More...

#include <run_permitted_state_machine.h>

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struct  EnableRequestedDuringStop
struct  Enabling
struct  halt_done
struct  halt_start
 Pushes the halt-task on the task queue. More...
struct  hold_done
struct  hold_start
 Pushes the hold-task on the task queue. More...
struct  recover_done
struct  recover_start
 Pushes the recover-task on the task queue. More...
struct  RobotActive
struct  RobotInactive
struct  run_permitted_false
struct  run_permitted_true
struct  run_permitted_updated
 Holds the updated run_permitted value. More...
struct  Stopping
struct  StopRequestedDuringEnable
struct  transition_table
struct  unhold_done
struct  unhold_start
 Pushes the unhold-task on the task queue. More...

Public Types

typedef RobotInactive initial_state
 Initial state. More...

Public Member Functions

 RunPermittedStateMachine_ (const TServiceCallFunc &recover_operation, const TServiceCallFunc &halt_operation, const TServiceCallFunc &hold_operation, const TServiceCallFunc &unhold_operation)
 Construct the front-end state machine. Store the required task execution functions. More...

Public Attributes

TServiceCallFunc halt_op_
 The halt operation. More...
TServiceCallFunc hold_op_
 The hold operation. More...
TServiceCallFunc recover_op_
 The recover operation. More...
RunPermittedTaskQueue task_queue_
 The task queue. More...
TServiceCallFunc unhold_op_
 The unhold operation. More...

Detailed Description

Front-end state machine.

Defines states, events, guards, actions and transitions. Pushes AsyncRunPermittedTask's on a task queue.

This code is not thread-safe.

Definition at line 107 of file run_permitted_state_machine.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ initial_state

Initial state.

Definition at line 212 of file run_permitted_state_machine.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ RunPermittedStateMachine_()

prbt_hardware_support::RunPermittedStateMachine_::RunPermittedStateMachine_ ( const TServiceCallFunc recover_operation,
const TServiceCallFunc halt_operation,
const TServiceCallFunc hold_operation,
const TServiceCallFunc unhold_operation 

Construct the front-end state machine. Store the required task execution functions.

recover_operationThe execution function of the recover-task.
halt_operationThe execution function of the halt-task.
hold_operationThe execution function of the hold-task.
unhold_operationThe execution function of the unhold-task.

Definition at line 118 of file run_permitted_state_machine.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ halt_op_

TServiceCallFunc prbt_hardware_support::RunPermittedStateMachine_::halt_op_

The halt operation.

Definition at line 372 of file run_permitted_state_machine.h.

◆ hold_op_

TServiceCallFunc prbt_hardware_support::RunPermittedStateMachine_::hold_op_

The hold operation.

Definition at line 375 of file run_permitted_state_machine.h.

◆ recover_op_

TServiceCallFunc prbt_hardware_support::RunPermittedStateMachine_::recover_op_

The recover operation.

Definition at line 369 of file run_permitted_state_machine.h.

◆ task_queue_

RunPermittedTaskQueue prbt_hardware_support::RunPermittedStateMachine_::task_queue_

The task queue.

Definition at line 366 of file run_permitted_state_machine.h.

◆ unhold_op_

TServiceCallFunc prbt_hardware_support::RunPermittedStateMachine_::unhold_op_

The unhold operation.

Definition at line 378 of file run_permitted_state_machine.h.

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