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KDL::TreeIkSolverPos_Online Class Reference

#include <treeiksolverpos_online.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

virtual double CartToJnt (const JntArray &q_in, const Frames &p_in, JntArray &q_out)
 TreeIkSolverPos_Online (const double &nr_of_jnts, const std::vector< std::string > &endpoints, const JntArray &q_min, const JntArray &q_max, const JntArray &q_dot_max, const double x_dot_trans_max, const double x_dot_rot_max, TreeFkSolverPos &fksolver, TreeIkSolverVel &iksolver)
 ~TreeIkSolverPos_Online ()
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virtual ~TreeIkSolverPos ()

Private Member Functions

void enforceCartVelLimits ()
void enforceJointVelLimits ()

Private Attributes

Twists delta_twists_
Frames frames_
JntArray q_dot_
JntArray q_dot_max_
JntArray q_max_
JntArray q_min_
Twist twist_
double x_dot_rot_max_
double x_dot_trans_max_

Detailed Description

Implementation of a general inverse position kinematics algorithm to calculate the position transformation from Cartesian to joint space of a general KDL::Tree. This class has been derived from the TreeIkSolverPos_NR_JL class, but was modified for online solving for use in realtime systems. Thus, the calculation is only done once, meaning that no iteration is done, because this solver is intended to run at a high frequency. It enforces velocity limits in task as well as in joint space. It also takes joint limits into account.

Definition at line 44 of file treeiksolverpos_online.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TreeIkSolverPos_Online()

KDL::TreeIkSolverPos_Online::TreeIkSolverPos_Online ( const double &  nr_of_jnts,
const std::vector< std::string > &  endpoints,
const JntArray q_min,
const JntArray q_max,
const JntArray q_dot_max,
const double  x_dot_trans_max,
const double  x_dot_rot_max,
TreeFkSolverPos fksolver,
TreeIkSolverVel iksolver 

Constructor of the solver, it needs the number of joints of the tree, a list of the endpoints you are interested in, the maximum and minimum values you want to enforce and a forward position kinematics solver as well as an inverse velocity kinematics solver for the calculations

nr_of_jntsnumber of joints of the tree to calculate the joint positions for
endpointsthe list of endpoints you are interested in
q_minthe minimum joint positions
q_maxthe maximum joint positions
q_dot_maxthe maximum joint velocities
x_dot_trans_maxthe maximum translational velocity of your endpoints
x_dot_rot_maxthe maximum rotational velocity of your endpoints
fksolvera forward position kinematics solver
iksolveran inverse velocity kinematics solver

Definition at line 29 of file treeiksolverpos_online.cpp.

◆ ~TreeIkSolverPos_Online()

KDL::TreeIkSolverPos_Online::~TreeIkSolverPos_Online ( )

Definition at line 56 of file treeiksolverpos_online.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ CartToJnt()

double KDL::TreeIkSolverPos_Online::CartToJnt ( const JntArray q_init,
const Frames p_in,
JntArray q_out 

Calculate inverse position kinematics, from cartesian coordinates to joint coordinates.

q_initinitial guess of the joint coordinates
p_ininput cartesian coordinates
q_outoutput joint coordinates
if < 0 something went wrong otherwise (>=0) remaining (weighted) distance to target

Implements KDL::TreeIkSolverPos.

Definition at line 60 of file treeiksolverpos_online.cpp.

◆ enforceCartVelLimits()

void KDL::TreeIkSolverPos_Online::enforceCartVelLimits ( )

Scales translational and rotational velocity vectors of the class member KDL::Twist twist_, if at least one of both exceeds the maximum value/length. Scaling is done proportional to the biggest overshoot among both velocities.

Definition at line 150 of file treeiksolverpos_online.cpp.

◆ enforceJointVelLimits()

void KDL::TreeIkSolverPos_Online::enforceJointVelLimits ( )

Scales the class member KDL::JntArray q_dot_, if one (or more) joint velocity exceeds the maximum value. Scaling is done proportional to the biggest overshoot among all joint velocities.

Definition at line 112 of file treeiksolverpos_online.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ delta_twists_

Twists KDL::TreeIkSolverPos_Online::delta_twists_

Definition at line 102 of file treeiksolverpos_online.hpp.

◆ fksolver_

TreeFkSolverPos& KDL::TreeIkSolverPos_Online::fksolver_

Definition at line 97 of file treeiksolverpos_online.hpp.

◆ frames_

Frames KDL::TreeIkSolverPos_Online::frames_

Definition at line 101 of file treeiksolverpos_online.hpp.

◆ iksolver_

TreeIkSolverVel& KDL::TreeIkSolverPos_Online::iksolver_

Definition at line 98 of file treeiksolverpos_online.hpp.

◆ q_dot_

JntArray KDL::TreeIkSolverPos_Online::q_dot_

Definition at line 99 of file treeiksolverpos_online.hpp.

◆ q_dot_max_

JntArray KDL::TreeIkSolverPos_Online::q_dot_max_

Definition at line 94 of file treeiksolverpos_online.hpp.

◆ q_max_

JntArray KDL::TreeIkSolverPos_Online::q_max_

Definition at line 93 of file treeiksolverpos_online.hpp.

◆ q_min_

JntArray KDL::TreeIkSolverPos_Online::q_min_

Definition at line 92 of file treeiksolverpos_online.hpp.

◆ twist_

Twist KDL::TreeIkSolverPos_Online::twist_

Definition at line 100 of file treeiksolverpos_online.hpp.

◆ x_dot_rot_max_

double KDL::TreeIkSolverPos_Online::x_dot_rot_max_

Definition at line 96 of file treeiksolverpos_online.hpp.

◆ x_dot_trans_max_

double KDL::TreeIkSolverPos_Online::x_dot_trans_max_

Definition at line 95 of file treeiksolverpos_online.hpp.

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