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quaternion.hpp File Reference
#include "eigenpy/eigenpy.hpp"
#include "eigenpy/exception.hpp"
#include "eigenpy/eigen-from-python.hpp"
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struct  eigenpy::call< Eigen::Quaternion< Scalar, Options > >
class  eigenpy::ExceptionIndex
struct  boost::python::converter::implicit< Quaternion, Eigen::QuaternionBase< Quaternion > >
class  eigenpy::QuaternionVisitor< Quaternion >
class  eigenpy::QuaternionVisitor< Quaternion >
struct  boost::python::converter::rvalue_from_python_data< Eigen::QuaternionBase< Quaternion > const & >
 Template specialization of rvalue_from_python_data. More...



Author(s): Justin Carpentier, Nicolas Mansard
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