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ecl Namespace Reference

Embedded control libraries. More...


 Supporting elements and interfaces.


class  DataException
class  Error
class  Exception
struct  FrequencyDiagnostics
 Data relevant to frequencies of an incoming stream. More...
class  FrequencyMonitor
 Lightweight and fast frequency monitor. More...
class  PosixErrorHandler
class  RandomNumberGenerator
 A random number generator. More...
class  StandardException
class  TimeData
 Device for conveniently storing and analysing benchmarking times. More...
class  TimeError
class  TimeStampBase
 This class provides common functionality across platforms for the timestamps. More...


typedef TimeStamp Duration
 Convenience typedef to associate timestamps with the concept of durations. More...


enum  ErrorFlag


bool is_big_endian ()
bool is_char_signed ()
template<typename OutputStream >
OutputStream & operator<< (OutputStream &ostream, const TimeStampBase &time_stamp)



Detailed Description

Embedded control libraries.

Various core libraries useful for embedded control systems.

Typedef Documentation

◆ Duration

typedef TimeStamp ecl::Duration

Convenience typedef to associate timestamps with the concept of durations.

Both timestamps and durations utilise similar functionality under the hood, even though they are conceptually different. The only thing I might consider if creating a separate class for durations is to introduce negativity. However, I've yet to find a real use for it.

Definition at line 41 of file duration.hpp.

Function Documentation

◆ operator<<()

template<typename OutputStream >
OutputStream& ecl::operator<< ( OutputStream &  ostream,
const TimeStampBase time_stamp 

Definition at line 226 of file timestamp_base.hpp.

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