geometry Directory Reference


file  angle.hpp [code]
 C++ interface for angles (degrees/radians).
file  cartesian_point.hpp [code]
 Cartesian point representations.
file  cubic_spline.hpp [code]
 Storage container for a cubic spline interpolation.
file  function_math.hpp [code]
 Functors for evaluating various mathematical properties of functions.
file  homogeneous_point.hpp [code]
 Real valued x-y-z point with homogeneous representation.
file  legacy_pose2d.hpp [code]
file  legacy_pose3d.hpp [code]
file  linear_segment.hpp [code]
file  macros.hpp [code]
 Macros for ecl geometry.
file  odometry.hpp [code]
file  odometry_helper.hpp [code]
file  odometry_typedefs.hpp [code]
file  pascals_triangle.hpp [code]
 Templatised specialisations for pascal's triangle.
file  polynomial.hpp [code]
 Representations for polynomial functions.
file  pose.hpp [code]
file  smooth_linear_spline.hpp [code]
 Spline sequence generated from linear segments with ramped corners.
file  spline_function.hpp [code]
 Wrapper for a generic spline function.
file  tension_function.hpp [code]
 Representations for the tension function..
file  tension_spline.hpp [code]
 Storage container for a tension spline interpolation.

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