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Any tools relating to mathematical geometry. Primarily featuring polynomials and interpolations.

Embedded Control Library

    This group includes various structures and tools used in geometry
    as well as various supporting classes and utilities.

External Components

There are quite a few useful tools also in eigen's geometry module. You can get access to these
via the ecl_linear_algebra module.

    - angle-axis pairs
    - quaternions
    - rotation matrices
    - transforms

Compiling & Linking

    Include the following at the top of any translation unit which
    requires this library:
#include <ecl/geometry.hpp>
// Angles
using ecl::Angle;
// Other Objects
// Functions that act on functions
// Functions
using ecl::Polynomial; // Also has some typedefs, LinearFunction, CubicPolynomial, QuadraticPoly...
// Splines
// Transforms

You will also need to link to -lecl_geometry.


Refer to the class api/guide for each component.

    - @ref anglesGuide "Angles" - c++ style wrapper for angles (radians) and unit conversions (deg<->rad).
    - @ref ecl::CartesianPoint "Cartesian Points" - generic and specialised representations for cartesian points.
    - @ref ecl::Pose2D "Pose2D" - extends eigen's geometry transforms with a 2d specialised version.
    - @ref polynomialsGeometry "Polynomials" - polynomial functions and two-point interpolations.
    - @ref splinesGeometry "Splines" - generating various splines and interpolating over a set of data.

Unit Tests

    - src/test/angles.cpp
    - src/test/cartesian_points.cpp
    - src/test/cubic_splines.cpp
    - src/test/polynomials.cpp
    - src/test/smooth_linear_splines.cpp
    - src/test/tension_function.cpp
    - src/test/tension_splines.cpp
    - src/test/pose2d.cpp


- <b>Sep 10</b> : ecl::Pose2D transform established, very much eigen style.
- <b>Jul 10</b> : ecl::Angle is finalised with float/double versions and a functional api to assist.
- <b>Jul 09</b> : ecl::BluePrintFactory<LinearFunction> is a blueprint factory for linear functions.
- <b>Jul 09</b> : ecl::blueprints::LinearInterpolation is a blueprint for linear interpolation between end points.
    - <b>Jul 09</b> : ecl::SmoothLinearSpline is a a smoothed, linearly blend spline (with quintics).
- <b>May 09</b> : ecl::blueprints::QuinticInterpolation is a blueprint for quintic interpolation between end points.
- <b>May 09</b> : ecl::BluePrintFactory<QuinticPolynomial> is a blueprint factory for quintic polynomials.
- <b>May 09</b> : ecl::blueprints::CubicSecondDerivativeInterpolation is a blueprint for acceleration derived interpolations between two end points.
- <b>May 09</b> : ecl::blueprints::CubicDerivativeInterpolation is a blueprint for velocity derived interpolations between two end points.
- <b>May 09</b> : ecl::BluePrintFactory<CubicPolynomial> is a blueprint factory for cubic polynomials.
- <b>May 09</b> : ecl::Polynomial is a templatised class representing polynomials of arbitrary degree.
- <b>May 09</b> : A simple templatisation for @ref ecl::PascalsTriangle "pascals triangle" of arbitrary degree.
    - <b>May 09</b> : ecl::blueprints::C2TensionSpline is a c2 continuous tension spline interpolation.
    - <b>May 09</b> : ecl::TensionSpline is a representation for a tension spline.
    - <b>May 09</b> : ecl::TensionFunction is a representation for a tension function.
    - <b>May 09</b> : ecl::blueprints::C2CubicSpline is a special case of the C2CubicSpline, the natural cubic spline.
    - <b>May 09</b> : ecl::blueprints::C2CubicSpline is a blueprint for C2 continous splines over a set of data.
    - <b>May 09</b> : ecl::blueprints::DerivativeHeuristicCubicSpline uses an automated velocity based heuristic to generate a cubic spline on a data set.
    - <b>May 09</b> : ecl::BluePrintFactory<CubicSpline> is a blueprint factory for cubic splines.
    - <b>May 09</b> : ecl::CubicSpline is a typedef'd representation for a cubic spline.

Author(s): Daniel Stonier
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