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fwd.hh File Reference
#include <boost/smart_ptr.hpp>
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class  dynamicgraph::Signal< T, Time >
 Signals link I/O ports of entities. They can be constant-valued signals, or copy the value of a heap variable, or evaluated as a function. See SignalPtr and SignalTimeDependent for other types of signals, and SignalArray for a way of grouping them. More...
class  dynamicgraph::SignalArray< Time >
 TODO. More...
class  dynamicgraph::SignalArray_const< Time >
 TODO. More...
class  dynamicgraph::SignalBase< Time >
 The base class for signals: not to be used as such. More...
class  dynamicgraph::SignalPtr< T, Time >
 This is the only type of signal that can be plugged to, using the plug () command. More...
class  dynamicgraph::SignalTimeDependent< T, Time >
 A type of signal that enforces a time dependency between other signals, making sure its inputs are up to date on access, using a incrementing time tick as reference. More...
class  dynamicgraph::TimeDependency< Time >
 A helper class for setting and specifying dependencies between signals. More...




typedef shared_ptr< Interpreter > dynamicgraph::InterpreterShPtr_t

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