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mtdevice Namespace Reference


class  MTDevice
 MTDevice class. More...


def find_baudrate (port, timeout=0.002, verbose=False, initial_wait=0.1)
 Auto detect baudrate. More...
def find_devices (timeout=0.002, verbose=False, initial_wait=0.1)
def get_mode (arg)
def get_output_config (config_arg)
def get_settings (arg)
def get_synchronization_settings (arg)
def get_UTCtime (arg)
def inspect (mt, device, baudrate)
def main ()
 Main function. More...
def usage ()
 Documentation for stand alone usage. More...

Function Documentation

def mtdevice.find_baudrate (   port,
  timeout = 0.002,
  verbose = False,
  initial_wait = 0.1 

Auto detect baudrate.

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def mtdevice.find_devices (   timeout = 0.002,
  verbose = False,
  initial_wait = 0.1 

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def mtdevice.get_mode (   arg)
Parse command line output-mode argument.

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def mtdevice.get_output_config (   config_arg)
Parse the mark IV output configuration argument.

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def mtdevice.get_settings (   arg)
Parse command line output-settings argument.

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def mtdevice.get_synchronization_settings (   arg)
Parse command line synchronization-settings argument.

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def mtdevice.get_UTCtime (   arg)

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def mtdevice.inspect (   mt,

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def mtdevice.main ( )

Main function.

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def mtdevice.usage ( )

Documentation for stand alone usage.

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