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voxel_grid::VoxelGrid::ClearVoxelInMap Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 ClearVoxelInMap (uint32_t *data, unsigned char *costmap, unsigned int unknown_clear_threshold, unsigned int marked_clear_threshold, unsigned char free_cost=0, unsigned char unknown_cost=255)
void operator() (unsigned int offset, unsigned int z_mask)

Private Member Functions

bool bitsBelowThreshold (unsigned int n, unsigned int bit_threshold)

Private Attributes

unsigned char * costmap_
uint32_t * data_
unsigned char free_cost_
unsigned int marked_clear_threshold_
unsigned int unknown_clear_threshold_
unsigned char unknown_cost_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 349 of file voxel_grid.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

voxel_grid::VoxelGrid::ClearVoxelInMap::ClearVoxelInMap ( uint32_t *  data,
unsigned char *  costmap,
unsigned int  unknown_clear_threshold,
unsigned int  marked_clear_threshold,
unsigned char  free_cost = 0,
unsigned char  unknown_cost = 255 

Definition at line 352 of file voxel_grid.h.

Member Function Documentation

bool voxel_grid::VoxelGrid::ClearVoxelInMap::bitsBelowThreshold ( unsigned int  n,
unsigned int  bit_threshold 

Definition at line 383 of file voxel_grid.h.

void voxel_grid::VoxelGrid::ClearVoxelInMap::operator() ( unsigned int  offset,
unsigned int  z_mask 

Definition at line 361 of file voxel_grid.h.

Member Data Documentation

unsigned char* voxel_grid::VoxelGrid::ClearVoxelInMap::costmap_

Definition at line 399 of file voxel_grid.h.

uint32_t* voxel_grid::VoxelGrid::ClearVoxelInMap::data_

Definition at line 398 of file voxel_grid.h.

unsigned char voxel_grid::VoxelGrid::ClearVoxelInMap::free_cost_

Definition at line 401 of file voxel_grid.h.

unsigned int voxel_grid::VoxelGrid::ClearVoxelInMap::marked_clear_threshold_

Definition at line 400 of file voxel_grid.h.

unsigned int voxel_grid::VoxelGrid::ClearVoxelInMap::unknown_clear_threshold_

Definition at line 400 of file voxel_grid.h.

unsigned char voxel_grid::VoxelGrid::ClearVoxelInMap::unknown_cost_

Definition at line 401 of file voxel_grid.h.

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