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smclib.statemap.FSMContext Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, state)
def clearState (self)
def emptyStateStack (self)
def getDebugFlag (self)
def getDebugStream (self)
def getPreviousState (self)
def getState (self)
def getStateStackDepth (self)
def getTransition (self)
def isInTransition (self)
def isStateStackEmpty (self)
def popState (self)
def pushState (self, state)
def setDebugFlag (self, flag)
def setDebugStream (self, stream)
def setState (self, state)

Private Attributes


Detailed Description

The user can derive FSM contexts from this class and interface
to them with the methods of this class.

The finite state machine needs to be initialized to the starting
state of the FSM.  This must be done manually in the constructor
of the derived class.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def smclib.statemap.FSMContext.__init__ (   self,

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Member Function Documentation

def smclib.statemap.FSMContext.clearState (   self)
Clears the current state.

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def smclib.statemap.FSMContext.emptyStateStack (   self)
Remove all states from the state stack.

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def smclib.statemap.FSMContext.getDebugFlag (   self)
Returns the debug flag's current setting.

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def smclib.statemap.FSMContext.getDebugStream (   self)
Returns the stream to which debug output is written.

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def smclib.statemap.FSMContext.getPreviousState (   self)
Returns the state which a transition left.
May be None

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def smclib.statemap.FSMContext.getState (   self)
Returns the current state.

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def smclib.statemap.FSMContext.getStateStackDepth (   self)
Returns the state stack's depth.

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def smclib.statemap.FSMContext.getTransition (   self)
Returns the current transition's name.
Used only for debugging purposes.

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def smclib.statemap.FSMContext.isInTransition (   self)
Is this state machine already inside a transition?
True if state is undefined.

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def smclib.statemap.FSMContext.isStateStackEmpty (   self)
Returns True if the state stack is empty and False otherwise.

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def smclib.statemap.FSMContext.popState (   self)
Make the state on top of the state stack the current state.

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def smclib.statemap.FSMContext.pushState (   self,
Push the current state on top of the state stack
and make the specified state the current state.

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def smclib.statemap.FSMContext.setDebugFlag (   self,
Sets the debug flag.
A true value means debugging is on and false means off.

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def smclib.statemap.FSMContext.setDebugStream (   self,
Sets the debug output stream.

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def smclib.statemap.FSMContext.setState (   self,
Sets the current state to the specified state.

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