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tlsf.h File Reference
#include <sys/types.h>
#include "../fosi.h"
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#define tlsf_calloc   oro_rt_calloc
#define tlsf_free   oro_rt_free
#define tlsf_malloc   oro_rt_malloc
#define tlsf_realloc   oro_rt_realloc


void * tlsf_calloc (size_t nelem, size_t elem_size)
void tlsf_free (void *ptr)
void * tlsf_malloc (size_t size)
void * tlsf_realloc (void *ptr, size_t size)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define tlsf_calloc   oro_rt_calloc

Definition at line 31 of file tlsf.h.

#define tlsf_free   oro_rt_free

Definition at line 29 of file tlsf.h.

#define tlsf_malloc   oro_rt_malloc

Definition at line 28 of file tlsf.h.

#define tlsf_realloc   oro_rt_realloc

Definition at line 30 of file tlsf.h.

Function Documentation

void* tlsf_calloc ( size_t  nelem,
size_t  elem_size 

Definition at line 796 of file tlsf.c.

void tlsf_free ( void *  ptr)

Definition at line 762 of file tlsf.c.

void* tlsf_malloc ( size_t  size)

Definition at line 733 of file tlsf.c.

void* tlsf_realloc ( void *  ptr,
size_t  size 

Definition at line 775 of file tlsf.c.

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