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rqt_reconfigure.treenode_status.TreenodeStatus Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, nodename_full=None, qmindex=None)
def get_is_eval_done (self)
def get_nodename_full (self)
def get_shows (self)
def set_is_eval_done (self, v)
def set_nodename_full (self, nodename_full)
def set_shows (self, v)

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Detailed Description

This class contains very similar information with
rqt_reconfigure.ParameterItem. The purpose of this class is to enable
FilterChildrenModel (subclassing QSortFilterProxyModel) to look up each
node, which, afaik, is not possible via QSortFilterProxyModel and that's
why I created this class.

That said, to store an info about each treenode:

- ParameterItem should be used to show on view.
- This class should be used when you need to keep track from

:author: Isaac Saito

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def rqt_reconfigure.treenode_status.TreenodeStatus.__init__ (   self,
  nodename_full = None,
  qmindex = None 
:param index_id: default value is -1, which indicates "not set". This
         can be set.
:param nodename_full: default value is None, which indicates "not set".
        This can be set.
:type index_id: qint64
:type nodename_full: str
:type qmindex: QModelIndex

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Member Function Documentation

def rqt_reconfigure.treenode_status.TreenodeStatus.get_is_eval_done (   self)

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def rqt_reconfigure.treenode_status.TreenodeStatus.get_nodename_full (   self)

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def rqt_reconfigure.treenode_status.TreenodeStatus.get_shows (   self)

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def rqt_reconfigure.treenode_status.TreenodeStatus.set_is_eval_done (   self,

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def rqt_reconfigure.treenode_status.TreenodeStatus.set_nodename_full (   self,

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def rqt_reconfigure.treenode_status.TreenodeStatus.set_shows (   self,

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