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ros_introspection.cmake.CMake Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, file_path=None, initial_contents=None, depth=0)
def __repr__ (self)
def add_command (self, cmd)
def get_command_section (self, command_name, section_name)
def get_executable_source (self)
def get_executables (self)
def get_insertion_index (self, cmd)
def get_libraries (self)
def get_library_source (self)
def get_ordered_build_targets (self)
def get_project_name (self)
def get_resolved_tokens (self, cmd, include_name=False)
def get_source_build_rules (self, tag, resolve_target_name=False)
def get_source_helper (self, tag)
def get_target_build_rules (self)
def get_test_section (self, create_if_needed=False)
def get_test_sections (self)
def get_test_source (self)
def remove_all_commands (self, cmd_name)
def remove_command (self, cmd)
def resolve_variables (self, var)
def section_check (self, items, cmd_name, section_name='', zero_okay=False)
def write (self, fn=None)

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def ros_introspection.cmake.CMake.__init__ (   self,
  file_path = None,
  initial_contents = None,
  depth = 0 

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Member Function Documentation

def ros_introspection.cmake.CMake.__repr__ (   self)

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def ros_introspection.cmake.CMake.add_command (   self,

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def ros_introspection.cmake.CMake.get_command_section (   self,
Return the first command that matches the command name and
    has a matching section name. If the section name is not found,
    return a command with the matching command name

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def ros_introspection.cmake.CMake.get_executable_source (   self)

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def ros_introspection.cmake.CMake.get_executables (   self)

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def ros_introspection.cmake.CMake.get_insertion_index (   self,

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def ros_introspection.cmake.CMake.get_libraries (   self)

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def ros_introspection.cmake.CMake.get_library_source (   self)

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def ros_introspection.cmake.CMake.get_ordered_build_targets (   self)

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def ros_introspection.cmake.CMake.get_project_name (   self)

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def ros_introspection.cmake.CMake.get_resolved_tokens (   self,
  include_name = False 

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def ros_introspection.cmake.CMake.get_source_build_rules (   self,
  resolve_target_name = False 

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def ros_introspection.cmake.CMake.get_source_helper (   self,

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def ros_introspection.cmake.CMake.get_target_build_rules (   self)

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def ros_introspection.cmake.CMake.get_test_section (   self,
  create_if_needed = False 

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def ros_introspection.cmake.CMake.get_test_sections (   self)

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def ros_introspection.cmake.CMake.get_test_source (   self)

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def ros_introspection.cmake.CMake.remove_all_commands (   self,

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def ros_introspection.cmake.CMake.remove_command (   self,

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def ros_introspection.cmake.CMake.resolve_variables (   self,

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def ros_introspection.cmake.CMake.section_check (   self,
  section_name = '',
  zero_okay = False 
This function ensures that there's a CMake command of the given type
    with the given section name and items somewhere in the file. 

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def ros_introspection.cmake.CMake.write (   self,
  fn = None 

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Member Data Documentation


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