Trajectory Execution Manager

MoveIt! includes a library for managing controllers and the execution of trajectories. This code exists in the trajectory_execution_manager namespace.

The trajectory_execution_manager::TrajectoryExecutionManager class allows two main operations:

The functionality of the trajectory execution in MoveIt! usually needs robot-specific interaction with controllers. For this reason, the concept of a controller manager specific to MoveIt! (moveit_controller_manager::MoveItControllerManager) was defined. This is an abstract class that defines the functionality needed by trajectory_execution_manager::TrajectoryExecutionManager and needs to be implemented for each robot type. Often, the implementation of these plugins are quite similar and it is easy to modify existing code to achieve the desired functionality (see for example pr2_moveit_controller_manager::Pr2MoveItControllerManager).

Author(s): Ioan Sucan , Sachin Chitta
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