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pymavlink.DFReader Namespace Reference


class  DFFormat
class  DFMessage
class  DFReader
class  DFReader_binary
class  DFReader_text
class  DFReaderClock
class  DFReaderClock_gps_interpolated
class  DFReaderClock_msec
class  DFReaderClock_px4
class  DFReaderClock_usec


def DFReader_is_text_log (filename)
def null_term (str)
def to_string (s)
def u_ord (c)


 filename = sys.argv[1]
 log = DFReader_text(filename)
 long = int
 m = log.recv_msg()
 profiler = LineProfiler()
bool use_profiler = False

Detailed Description

APM DataFlash log file reader

Copyright Andrew Tridgell 2011
Released under GNU GPL version 3 or later

Partly based on SDLog2Parser by Anton Babushkin

Function Documentation

def pymavlink.DFReader.DFReader_is_text_log (   filename)
return True if a file appears to be a valid text log

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def pymavlink.DFReader.null_term (   str)
null terminate a string

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def pymavlink.DFReader.to_string (   s)
desperate attempt to convert a string regardless of what garbage we get

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def pymavlink.DFReader.u_ord (   c)

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Variable Documentation

pymavlink.DFReader.filename = sys.argv[1]

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dictionary pymavlink.DFReader.FORMAT_TO_STRUCT
Initial value:
1 = {
2  "a": ("64s", None, str),
3  "b": ("b", None, int),
4  "B": ("B", None, int),
5  "h": ("h", None, int),
6  "H": ("H", None, int),
7  "i": ("i", None, int),
8  "I": ("I", None, int),
9  "f": ("f", None, float),
10  "n": ("4s", None, str),
11  "N": ("16s", None, str),
12  "Z": ("64s", None, str),
13  "c": ("h", 0.01, float),
14  "C": ("H", 0.01, float),
15  "e": ("i", 0.01, float),
16  "E": ("I", 0.01, float),
17  "L": ("i", 1.0e-7, float),
18  "d": ("d", None, float),
19  "M": ("b", None, int),
20  "q": ("q", None, long), # Backward compat
21  "Q": ("Q", None, long), # Backward compat
22  }

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pymavlink.DFReader.log = DFReader_text(filename)

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pymavlink.DFReader.long = int

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pymavlink.DFReader.m = log.recv_msg()

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pymavlink.DFReader.profiler = LineProfiler()

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bool pymavlink.DFReader.use_profiler = False

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Author(s): Lorenz Meier
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